Exposing Me – it is me

I wrote in my post ‘to expose me‘, the following –

Now over 8 months later I have realized fellow bloggers are supportive of me and have welcomed me with open arms and appreciate my writings.  Because of this I decided to expose myself, my identity, to you my fellow bloggers.  But a course I am not doing it all in one post, I still have 3 months to write a post a day.

So I will write a series of posts to expose me – my identity to you and the blogger world.

It Is Me – Terry

85 thoughts on “Exposing Me – it is me

  1. Hi Terry! Great post! With this flare you have ( creating tension with your secret identity ), And your good looks, if you don’t act you should consider doing some community theater and see what happens !

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  2. Haha hi Terry! Nice to put a face with the name and writing. I love the video and definitely the song! I’m a University of South Carolina grad, and we use the same song as an intro for our football team at home games! I’m loving reading these posts…keep it up!

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    • Thank you Diane, I just found your comment in my WP spam folder, sorry for the delay in responding. I actually was somewhat afraid as to how people would react to what I was posting, most likely because of my insecurities. I have found folks on WP are very nice and supportive and this made me more comfortable therefore displaying my true self. Thanks for stopping to read and comment, always appreciated. Have a happy day! 🙂

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        • Because my blog is anonymous, I wanted to tell you in an email. But I couldn’t find a way to contact you on your blog. Yes, I do live in your area of the world. Our paths crossing would be great! And a very happy day to you to!

          Terry if you don’t mind, would you not post this and delete the other comment with my location mentioned. I just realized I could have done this with that comment and that this is a way I could have told you. I wanted to tell you for awhile, but didn’t realize it would have been this easy!


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