merriam-webster.com has this definition –

Simple Definition of opposite

1:  located at the other end, side, or corner of something: located across from something

2:  completely different

enchantedlearning.com has the following information –

Opposites are also called antonyms. Some common opposites are:

absent – present,            alive – dead,      backward – forward,      begin – end,      

create – destroy,             dark – light

dead – alive,      end – begin, start,            fail – succeed,  

float – sink,         fresh – stale,      full – empty,      hard – easy

limited – boundless,       loss – win,           mad – happy, sane,         maximum – minimum, new – old,           no – yes

optimist – pessimist,      past – present,                

patient – impatient,       

possible – impossible,    stop – go,

strong – weak,  success – failure,              victory – defeat      

They say opposites attract – is this true?

psychologytoday.com article ‘The Real Reason That Opposites Attract’ begins with the following –

Did you ever think that it was a cruel joke of nature that most of us find ourselves attracted to people very much unlike us? I mean, wouldn’t it be an awful lot simpler and a lot less messy if we tended to be drawn to those whose personalities are more like our own rather than those who seem like they are polar opposites of us.

The article continues with the following –

We are drawn to others out of needs and desires that are unfulfilled in our lives, such as a desire to experience greater connection, security, love, support, and comfort. On the other hand some of those unfulfilled longings have to do with their polar opposites, such as adventure, freedom, risk, challenge, and intensity. While these needs and desires may appear to be mutually exclusive, they not only can co-exist with each other, but in the process, generate a “tension of the opposites” that produces the passion that sustains, deepens and enlivens relationships.

It continues with the following –

Opposites, or perhaps more accurately, “complements” do attract. Introverts and extroverts, morning people and night people, impulsives and planners, steady plodders and adrenaline junkies, adventure-grabbers and security-seekers…there’s no denying the idea that something in us is drawn to people who counter some of our dominant inclinations with complementary tendencies.

Gary and I are not total opposites, we certainly have our differences and we have our similarities.  If I had to pick and choose a few words from the above list, this is where the words would fall.

Terry                     Gary

Absent                 Present

Forward               Backward (he would disagree)

Destroy                Create

Dark                       Light

Fresh                     Stale (he would again disagree)

Limited                 Boundless

Mad                       Sane

Pessimist             Optimist (more so than me)

Impatient            Patient

Impossible          Possible

No                          Yes

Okay, upon viewing this list do you see who is the positive person in this relationship; the nice and pleasant person?  Do we have conflict?  Absolutely, but ultimately we balance each other out.

We balance each other out when it comes to other areas of our relationship as well.  He is a numbers guy – me not so much so.  I am the tech guy – him definitely not.

We have our differences and we have our similarities – ultimately we have each other.

28 thoughts on “Opposite

  1. Opposites attract is a common concept but I doubt you are really opposites. I think it is more likely each of you has qualities the other admires more than the qualities that drive each of you loco. Relationships can stretch us to grow and help us be the person we want to be. Luckily you both found that person who you want to make a priority.

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  2. I think complements is a much better description than opposites. Teddy and I complement each other and have grown to like similar things over time. In a loving relationship you want to please your partner but give each other some space. Your descriptions of each other’s opposite qualities are a little black and white. There are probably more shades of gray (if not even 50) 🙂

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  3. “Okay, upon viewing this list do you see who is the positive person in this relationship; the nice and pleasant person?” Well no I don’t actually. I see a very equal blend of positive and negative in both sides of the list. And I bet you’re a very nice and pleasant person, just like you’re probably a mean and unpleasant person time to time. So is Garry. You do complement each other very well indeed. 🙂

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  4. I think opposites do attract so often and it makes life interesting for sure! You are a special person dear Spear!! I read your list and I think you are awesome! You are willing to say here it is and many people are not! Hi Gary, hiiiiii! Lynn xx

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  5. I think you and Gary compliment each other. If you were exactly the same…Booring! My husband is my opposite (except in our values and kid raising) I’m super emotional and heart driven. He is a realist, and head driven. I need him to keep my feet on the ground, he needs me to put let his head play in the clouds. You two are the perfect couple.

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  6. What an insightful post Terry, I really enjoyed it. Opposites certainly do attract. Can you imagine how much more conflict there would be between couples if their personalities and characters were the same ! We all need a healthy balance in our relationships, and I think this is where, opposites help, but it doesn’t just happen, acceptance, time and maturity help us strive to balance in a relationship. (Hahaha, that is my two cents worth) Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend Terry. 🙂

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  7. I must confess that I was once in the Terry camp but today, since I have gotten control over my life, I am very much more in the Gary camp although there are certain aspects that still are “glass half empty (the search for compatible female company 🙂 ) I know all will come good but Carpe Diem Terry! Carpe Diem!!!

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  8. How fortunate you are Terry to find someone who provides balance in your life. Being that as long as we have breath we have to live with ourselves it would be a pretty dull existence if we literally had to live with a mate just like us although I’m sure there are folks out there in this situation who make it work. I believe with a relationship based on friendship as the foundation just about anything is doable when there is a mutual respect.

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  9. I had to think about this, Terry. I have read a bit on this topic and I am a great proponent of creating balance in our lives. Also, I have a long and very happy marriage and clinical social work practice to draw on. All of that together makes me think the complement idea is the most relevant one. There are ways in which my husband and I seem very opposite i.e. the stereotypical extrovert (me) introvert (him). I think the quick opposites are there and easy to oversimplify, yet most things have layers to them and are more complex.So, I am more drawn to talking to others immediately about problems, brainstorming, sparking a discussion, and getting energized by people. He to thinking things through quietly before talking, facilitating people expressing thought, listening, and helping them think, and being tired afterwards. But people are critical to both of us, just in different ways. (And we both have wicked senses of humor that can find the light side and irony in most issues!) Together the two of us are greater than the sum of the parts, complementing and making the whole better. I think we have learned that difference is nuanced and we help each other explore those subtleties, valuing them, and encouraging each of us to enhance who we are. Anyway, as you can see, I am on the complex rather than simple side! Sorry if I have taken this too deep…but you made me think…always a deep process for me, lol, and one I love! (Anyway…nice to meet you as well) Jo

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    • Jo, that was deep, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and learning more about you and your husband. I appreciate your comment and if any of my posts get the reader to do some thinking, I feel grateful. Thanks again, have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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