into the future with Gary & Terry

In my post ‘Realtor, Trip, Sale’, I wrote the following –

This coming Monday, we leave for another trip to the next location that we will call home.  Unlike the past trips last year, this one we will fly and not drive.  This trip to our selected new location will be to search for resale homes and/or communities to possibly build a new home.  We most likely will not buy on this visit, but if we come across a property we feel is a perfect fit, then an offer could be made.  This trip’s main focus is to provide us a better idea of what is available that would best meet our criteria.  Our plan for now is to either buy a property once the current one is sold; whether a resale or new construction or to start the process of building a new home or we may decide ultimately to rent for a while until that next home is found.

In today’s post, I write the following –

That trip began this past Monday and tomorrow we will be home in our current location in Dallas.  It has been almost 2 months to the day I begun to expose me, my identity, myself to you my blogger friends.  The past couple of weeks my voice provided you the reason for this blog, I explained the creation of spearfruit, introduced you to my husband and totally exposed myself to you.


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This blog started as a result of me wanting, no needed to write about my life and my journey from a child to today.  I am wrapping up those past events, memories, thoughts and next month will be concluding my first year of blogging with the transition from my current chapter to our next chapter of Gary’s and Terry’s life.

The current home will be placed on the market in 2 weeks and within the next several months; the transition from moving from Dallas, Texas to Vero Beach, Florida will take place.  Once the move has taken place and some time to settle in is complete, the new chapter begins.  What does this new chapter in our lives entail?  Well for starters, taking long walks on the beach, riding bicycles, enjoying nature, and exploring new surroundings.  We plan to make new friends, take more trips and spend more time with the sun, sand and sea.  Yes we plan to live, discover, visualize, relax and enjoy what there is out there.

Upon arriving back home tomorrow, we have a few more activities that will take place to prepare the house for the market on April 15.  The day is approaching quickly and Gary and I are very excited about the near future and what awaits us in the next location of the next chapter of our lives.


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I am excitedly looking forward to moving and the changes that await Gary and me.

I am excitedly looking forward to moving and the changes that will take place with this blog.

Thank you for following my blog and I hope you continue with me this journey into the future with Gary & Terry.


32 thoughts on “into the future with Gary & Terry

      • You are welcome Terry, and please no worries. If I never receive the email, I understand. TRULY! Please no worries! For one thing, the painting is NOT very good. In fact, I am a bit embarrassed of it. 🙂 For another, I respect your privacy. Please don’t worry about. I’m just so happy you are happy! Carry on! Be happy! Cherish the moments! 🙂 xo ❤

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  1. I wish you all the best for your new chapter! Beautiful shots – you two look very happy and what a lovely sunrise (or set?) ! I quite envy you your future walks on the beach but as long as you´ll share some nice pictures with us, I´ll be happy;) Have a wonderful weekend! Sarah 🙂

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