In my post ‘The Hit – The Last Chapter‘, I wrote the following –

I am unsure how long I stayed motionless with the eyes closed listening to the music and pretending not to know of this presence.  I opened my eyes and there next to me was that guy.  That guy I have noticed on several occasions but pretended to not be interested in.  This was the meeting of my future husband.

That day is when my life changed forever.  It is 13 years later, we are married and living and experiencing all the ups and downs life is providing us.  There have been struggles and good times, fights, making up, having fun and moving on.

In today’s post, I write the following –

That day the meeting of my future husband was 13 years ago today. has an article ‘The importance of relationship milestones and anniversary celebrations’ which includes the following –

Most couples remember the important moments in their relationship: the time they met, their wedding day, the births of their children. But not all remember to celebrate these special occasions, especially after several years together.

Research shows that marking important anniversaries can actually help strengthen relationships. If a couple is having problems, taking the time to celebrate together will spark memories of those happy times they shared in the early days. article ‘Only Boring Married Couples Stop Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries’ includes the following excerpt –

Please kill me if I ever get so complacent that I can’t muster up the energy to celebrate my own wedding anniversary. Yes, this lack of celebration really happens in real life—probably to real people you know.

Maybe I fall far on the other side of the fence because I’ve always been one for celebrating. I absolutely love birthdays and dressing up for random holidays because all of this shit only comes once a year, people! If you can’t dress like a slutty leprechaun every 365 days, then life isn’t worth living, I always say.

Wedding anniversaries are no different—if not a better reason to celebrate. Hopefully, you are still happy you got married however many years ago. Hopefully, you still enjoy looking into the dopey face of your spouse at least once a year on a special date night to celebrate the day you were wed.

Gary and I usually do not celebrate the day we met and usually do not celebrate our birthdays – maybe we need to start.

Gary and I have not reached our 1st year wedding anniversary – but I think we should celebrate it.

After many years of being together, we exist and our relationship continues.  It may be that initial spark has dimmed, and our routines are played out each and every day and we know the other so well we have become content and relaxed and comfortable.  This is good, but that spark that was lit upon meeting 13 years ago; should be revisited and celebrated – maybe we need to start – today!

36 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. Happy Anniversary to both you and Gary. Terry, I think it is important to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries. I think in relationships, one does get comfortable with life, with eachother and that is good, but we mustn’t forget other important things. Start today, have a little celebration even if it is just the two of you. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary when it comes, and celebrate your birthdays…it will be fun 🙂 x

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  2. Celebrate every day (in a slutty outfit or a tuxedo) And definitely make sure you celebrate the day the person you loved came into the world and the day you married and made your worlds into one.
    To Gary and Terry, a toast – Happy Life Together! (now I’m raising the glass to my lips and sipping champagne) (Well, it;s grape juice, but it’s snowing and I’m not going out to the liquor store in this skimpy, slutty outfit!) Love, Clare

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  3. For years I never celebrated the first day of a meeting or my birthdays. Sometimes I didn’t even bother with Christmas but as I have gotten older I realise all of these things are important and every milestone should be celebrated and occasion marked. We need these celebrations for our memories because all too often they can be taken away by the fickle hand of date and lets face it, a life half lived……

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