Early Morning, Waves & Me

Last week I was in Florida – words I wrote one early morning –

I am in Florida and my routine is off, different from the usual events and activities from the everyday life.

Florida first evening here in a hotel on the beach facing the ocean – it rains, heavy with thunderstorms and strong winds and the temperature is cool, but not cold.

A nice dinner was eaten after which a brisk quick walk took place during the heavy rain events then back to the hotel room for some end of the day chat about the house hunting events of the day.


Image Provided By: spearfruit.com

Time to go to bed and he says “Leave the balcony slider open some so we can hear the ocean waves as they make their appearance on the shore.”

I reply “There is no screen, what if a bird flies in?”  His response “No bird is going to fly into this room, it will be okay.”  The slider is left open a bit to hear the waves as we sleep.

I sleep some, good sleep, not much, but the sleep is restful.  Each time I wake throughout the night I hear those waves from the ocean that is a short distance from the room.

Each time I wake, I glance at the clock, it is closer to time to wake for the day, but the time passes slowly and I should find more sleep within me so that I am fully rested; and some sleep is found.

The next wake it is a little later, not much and I think about the time difference and it is close to my usual time of rising and that I do.


Image Provided By: spearfruit.com

The waves, a short distance from me beg me to come to the balcony and not only hear them roar louder but to feel them and let them be a part of me, and so I accept the invitation.

The morning breeze is strong, cool, damp, but refreshing and welcoming by me.  And along with the strong sound of the waves, I feel peaceful, I feel grateful, I feel alive.

My usual early morning activities begin with yoga this morning with the music of the waves as the rhythm that my poses will count to.   The body and mind are one; the world, body and mind are one.

Upon a brief yoga session, I meditate and the waves again provide the rhythm, except this time the waves, my body and my mind are one.

The breath I take is the same breath the earth takes, the oxygen filling my lungs is the very oxygen the earth produces to provide me this particular morning.  I appreciate this oxygen and this breath.


Image Provided By: spearfruit.com

I appreciate this morning and I appreciate those waves.

I am in Florida and my routine is off, different from the usual events and activities from the everyday life.

But this particular early morning, I am alone in the world; it is just me and the waves.  I have calmness within me and I am at peace.

40 thoughts on “Early Morning, Waves & Me

  1. I really enjoy the sound of the sea, waves crashing. The tides…. I live fairly close to the see, and often either at night or early morning, I hear that sound, it is amazing ! Lovely pic’s 🙂 . I can just imagine the sounds of the ocean, perhaps a cool breeze, yoga, total peace and tranquility…awesome. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely peaceful way to start my day! I love the ocean and the sound and I do practice meditation. I often “take a walk on the beach” when I meditate…thanks for the great images! Like everyone else I was expecting birds…perhaps because of that recent commercial with the couple on the beach with the guy who forgot to close the window and flock of birds going into the house and then he remotely closes keeping the birds locked in. It always makes me laugh. jo

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    • A funny commercial, I do not believer I have seen that one. I look forward to some beach walking soon and more meditation on the beach. Thanks Jo, appreciate the comment. 🙂


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