The Curveball

Baseball season started this week and I thought the title of this post would be appropriate.  By the way it has nothing to do with baseball. has the following –

The curveball is a type of pitch in baseball thrown with a characteristic grip and hand movement that imparts forward spin to the ball, causing it to dive in a downward path as it approaches the plate. Its close relatives are the slider and the slurve.


Image Provided by: has the following –

A particularly difficult issue, obstacle, or problem. Named after the equally tricky baseball pitch.

The professor really threw me a curve ball with that last exam test.

I am being thrown a curveball; therefore you also are being thrown a curveball.

In my post ‘into the future with Gary & Terry’, I wrote the following –

The current home will be placed on the market in 2 weeks and within the next several months; the transition from moving from Dallas, Texas to Vero Beach, Florida will take place.  Once the move has taken place and some time to settle in is complete, the new chapter begins.

In today’s post I write the following –

Here comes the curveball!  Upon our trip to Vero Beach, Florida last week, Gary & I started thinking about ‘Plan B’.  Oh, I never told you about ‘Plan B’, because I thought we were set on ‘Plan A’.  ‘Plan A’, is moving to Vero Beach, Florida and we had decided to do that and that is the reason for our recent trip there.  Now we are rethinking this and thinking about ‘Plan B’.  The placing of the current home on the market in 2 weeks will take place and the selling within the next several months will take place, but the moving to Vero Beach, Florida may not take place: at least not now – maybe later – but not now.

So you ask what is ‘Plan B’, well I am not going to tell you just yet.  The decision is not totally made and some research is taking place.  Clearly we need to make a decision soon because soon we may not have a home to live in.  Once the decision is final and plans are in place, I will fill you in on what ‘Plan B’ is.

Some of you may be excited about ‘Plan B’, because this curveball being thrown at me, I may in turn throw at you.

For years now Gary and I have debated, deliberated and diligently searched not only locations but our souls with regards to what our next chapter is.  Choices, criteria, restrictions, wants and needs played into our decision as to what that next chapter is.  We thought Vero Beach was the next chapter, the final chapter.  And maybe it will be the final chapter, but not the next chapter.


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Batter up – wait for that curveball – it may be coming.

39 thoughts on “The Curveball

    • It would be, but still the option is a consideration. Hopefully we will know very soon what our decision will be. Thank Bernadette, I appreciate you taking the time today to read and comment. Have a great weekend. 🙂


  1. Hahaha Terry, the first thing that came to mind with a smile on my face is that you are such a tease 🙂 ….but tease or not, there is nothing wrong with a plan B. Looking forward to finding out what plan B could possibly be 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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