Sunshine Blogger Award

I recently was nominated for 2 awards – move over Tom Hanks!

I am late on responding as my life is busy, so here is the first one –

Thank you to itsgoodtobecrazyometimes for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Please go visit her as her blog is filled with many interesting posts.

Sunshine Blogger Award

The rules:

1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2.Answer the 11 questions from your nominator.

3.Nominate 11 bloggers.

4.Give them 11 questions to answer.

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

My questions asked to me:

1.What animal other than a horse would you ride?

I was thinking a camel, but that is too much like a horse, which I have ridden.  I am thinking maybe riding a sea turtle.

2.If you could have any animal as a pet what would you choose?

I would have to stay with a domestic animal; a dog or a bird.

3.What did you use to do as a child on school holidays?

Umm, I guess play outside when I was really young and then a little older most likely I worked at my dad’s business.

4.Live forever as poor or live a year as rich?

Easy, live a year as rich! 

5.What is your favorite type of food?

I would have to go with a cheeseburger or pizza.

6.What is the best way to boil an egg?

In boiling water?

7.What thing would you change in the world?

I would make education free to everyone in the entire world – learning is good!

8.Best subject at school?

Band; I was excellent in music and I was the high school drum major.

9.What is your favorite post that you have done?

This is difficult for me to answer, I do not want to sound too into myself, but I think it would be easier for me to tell you my least favorite post.

10.Do you think we live in a big brother state?

Yes, absolutely! 

11.If all the world is a stage where does the audience sit

In my backyard! 

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

My questions to my nominees:

1.What is your best childhood memory?

2.If you could learn a language, which one would it be?

3. If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

4. Who do you most admire in life?

5.Scuba Diving or Sky Diving?

6.Do you have an embarrassing moment you have never told anyone else, if so what is it?

7.What age do you feel right now and why?

8.If you could live in a movie or TV show, what one would it be?

9.If you could see one person in the world the last minute of your life, who would it be and why?

10.Comedy or Drama?

11.If you could speak to everyone in the world at the same time, what would you say?

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

And my nominees are: (participating is voluntary)

Steph over at Bold Blind Beautiful

Joyce over at Poppies and Popcorn

Kerry over at Postcards from Kerry

Sadie over at Sadie’s Nest

Charles over at Charles French Reading and Writing

Catherine over at Atypical60

Tony over at The Tony Burgess Blog

Jean over at White House Red Door

Lynn over at An Encore Voyage

Sarah over at Travels With Choppy

David over at Life and Random Thinking

Sunshine Blogger Award Border

Thanks again to itsgoodtobecrazyometimes for the nomination.

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