Home For Sale

The current home is officially on the market ready to be sold to its new owners, its new family.

The planning to retire and the planning to move have been an ongoing process for 6 years now.  You can read more about the locations visited in my post ‘These past 6 Years‘.  It was 10 months ago Gary and I decided to make another series of trips to Florida to find that next location for the next chapter is our lives.  The next location was found, the next home was found and now the current home is for sale.

But wait, you remember in my post ‘The Curveball‘, I wrote the following –

We thought Vero Beach was the next chapter, the final chapter.  And maybe it will be the final chapter, but not the next chapter.

In today’s post I write the following –

I will admit, as much as I am excited about moving forward, I am somewhat sad about leaving this current home.  13 ½ years, this house we have called home.  I still remember seeing this home and walking through the front door for the first time.  It only took a few minutes and I told Gary “This is it, this is the one!”  We had previously spent months viewing properties and this one immediately stood out and I knew it would be our home.

Many changes have taken place since that day; I have literally painted every room in this house with a few of them painted twice.  Within the first couple of years Gary and I spent long days designing and installing the landscaping.  Later years would bring an upgraded kitchen, upgraded master bathroom, and upgrades to all other bathrooms, new carpet, a pool makeover, a new patio and a new roof.

In the past year, events such as downsizing of possessions, minor maintenance repairs, decluttering and sprucing have taken place.  Gary and I are ready to move on: the time is right.

Now the waiting game takes place – waiting for the new owners who ever they are to view this home.  An open house will take place a week from Sunday, will the new owners come visit that day?  Or it may be the new owners will have a private view of this home, where they can talk freely about the future, their dreams and memories they want to create in this home.

Now the waiting game takes place – when will the new owners walk through the front door for the first time?

And when the future owners first walk through the front door, who knows maybe they will respond with “This is it, this is the one!”

62 thoughts on “Home For Sale

  1. Best of luck with the sale. It looks like a beautiful home, and I don’t imagine it will take long for someone to say, “This is it, this is the one!” Hubby and I have built two houses and talk of downsizing in the next few years too. Remember, brick and mortar is not what makes a home. The best thing about a home is who you share it with! 🙂 Wishing your love and happiness wherever you are and go.

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  2. It’s beautiful. It must be a pang to leave it, after you’ve done such wonderful things there…but I understand new chapters. Best of luck. I bet that isn’t going to stay on the market long! 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous home! We moved from our home of 15 years just three years ago. We only had 6 weeks to prepare though because we were moving because of a job. It was emotional the first year thinking about our home but it slowly has become a pleasant memory. We are all happier now that we found a place that works for us, for now. Some chapters are just shorter than others. Hoping you find your perfect next chapter.

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  4. Terry your home is really amazing. I am sure, the… ‘this is it, this is the one’ will happen for someone else out there really soon. It is a beautiful feeling that…’This it it, This is the one’.
    Have the best weekend my friend. 🙂

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    • We hope so to, we are ready to move on. We did have our first showing this afternoon – less than 24 hours of placing it on the market. Hopefully that is a good sign. Thanks Sarah – Happy Friday! 🙂


  5. You have made a beautiful home…and I love all the warm colors you choose….makes me simile thinking I left a beautiful home to buy this little tin can, as I call it, LOL but its home, once the we love the smallness of it…, absolutely love our view of the desert….we are starting to think about selling the house in California and renting this one out and purchasing a new home here, with better views,…I would love a view of the sunsets as they are spectacular here…..how exciting for you, and stressful…..but looks like the list had been all checked off and now its all about the wait….wishing you a quick sale for more than your asking!!!!. happy weekend to you kat

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  6. The house is lovely! I hope the new owner finds your house quickly. My Mom retired to FL about 5 yrs. ago and loves it.
    We’ve been talking about downsizing and moving, and I’ve sort of started getting rid of stuff, but there’s a lot more to go! 🙂 We’ve decided to check out a couple of in NV. It may take us as long as 6 yrs to make the move too! 🙂

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    • Getting rid of the stuff is the most difficult part – I don’t know where all of it came from. It takes time to decide where to go and what to do – ultimately we decided – I think! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it – hope your day is a happy one. 🙂

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