Changing Focus

I wrote in my post ‘Spring Cleaning‘, the following –

Did you also notice a change in the website?  Yes, I updated it as well.  It wasn’t that I did not like the previous one, but in the coming months I plan to change the focus of my blog and wanted this site to better reflect what that focus is.  More details on the change in focus coming in the near future.

I wrote in my post ‘into the future with Gary & Terry‘, the following –

This blog started as a result of me wanting, no needing to write about my life and my journey from a child to today.  I am wrapping up those past events, memories, thoughts and in the next month will be concluding my first year of blogging with the transition from my current chapter to our next chapter of Gary’s and Terry’s life.

In today’s post, I write the following –

May 13th will be my 1-year blog anniversary.  Between now and then I will wrap up my past journey that brought me to today.  Also, in the weeks to come I will be posting about the transition that is taking place with the selling of the current home, and that next chapter.  Will it be ‘Plan A’, or ‘Plan B’?

I am unsure if ‘Plan A’: the move to Vero Beach will take place immediately or if ‘Plan B’; the yet to be revealed event will take place before my 1-year blog anniversary, but there will be some type of transition of sorts that will take place with this blog.

Some new subjects I plan to write about will be about Gary and my travel events.  We want to travel more and my hope is to write about the exciting locations we will be visiting.  I plan to also have a video blog; if you haven’t noticed, I have already added this category to the above menu with some related posts.  I also plan to post pictures with interesting stories associated to them.  I will continue ‘My 70’s Music Collection’ posts and I have a few other subjects that I hope will keep you coming back.

Almost a year ago I began this blog; it is amazing and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I have met many wonderful people I consider friends here on WP.


I look forward to continuing for as long as I can and hope you continue the journey with me.

The transition has begun both in my life and with this blog.  I am excited about my future, and where it will be taking me.  I am excited about this blog, and the changes that will take place.

Changing Focus – there is more to come!

40 thoughts on “Changing Focus

  1. Isn’t it nice that you are ready to reach the goal of your first year blogging….to have been able to get your inner thoughts out on paper so to say….and what wonderful community to have behind you during your journey….looking forward to being your blogging friend over the next year….kat

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