Struggling is part of the process

In many posts I have written, I used the word struggle.  I write many times about my struggles in life, those parts of me that want to defeat me, make me unhappy and prevent me from being a good person.

I have written posts about my OCD, my ADD, my depression, my attempted suicides, and my sexual violation as a child.  I have written posts about me being a control freak, having chaos in my mind, trouble concentrating and focusing and having little patience.  I have written posts about body aches and pains, addictions, ear worms and being different.

All these symptoms, these diagnoses, these feelings, these physical and mental attributes; they are me and they are my struggles. has an article ‘The More You Struggle with New Information the More Likely You Are to Learn It’ and begins with the following –

Trying to learn new skills or new information can be really frustrating, but as Time Magazine points out, the more you struggle with taking on new information the more likely you are to retain and recall that information later.

Nobody likes to fail when learning a new task, but it’s an essential part of the learning process that’s often left out when we’re offered up information in a neatly packaged, structured way. While much of the research into the learning process is concentrated on children, it’s a lesson adults can learn from as well.

I view my struggles as a process of learning.  I learn new tasks that I put into skills and gain additional information and I will eventually retain and recall at a later time.  This process of changing my thinking helps change my behaviors and results in a better me with fewer struggles.  I will admit, I am a very slow learner and I fail many times when learning these new skills and tasks, but I do learn and as a result I grow.  As some of you are aware of, it took me over 13 years of therapy to overcome a major depression; yes, I am a slow learner. article continues with the following –

It’s a healthy reminder that struggling through a difficult problem—whether it’s learning Photoshop, getting used to a new webapp, or picking up a new skill—is a necessary part of the learning process. It also works out in the long run because you’re better able to recall the information you learned.

Struggling is part of the process.  I by no means am an expert at anything to do with life – but I continue to learn about it and I continue to learn about me.

I continue to struggle because I continue to pick up new skills because this is my learning process and because it’s my life.

32 thoughts on “Struggling is part of the process

  1. I think you are too hard on yourself, Terry. Who wouldn’t have struggles in life with the cards you were dealt? I, too, keep trying to be well and not self-flagellate. All of life is a learning process and we should all do that but not berate ourselves when we can’t quite manage to be perfect. 🙂

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  2. To struggle helps us learn. It is all part of life. Life is not perfect, no-one is perfect, we just have to keep going, being the best person we can be, strive to be happy and make the best of whatever hand is dealt us at the time. Have a happy day 🙂

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