Opening and Closing the Garage Door

Yesterday I had to open and close the garage door manually.  Now for some people, this may seem insignificant or unimportant.  But I have to physically open and close and yes lock the garage door manually.  OMG, the automatic garage door is not working – what am I going to do?

I realized yesterday I have become accustomed to opening and closing my garage door automatically, and not putting any effort into doing this.  Until now; since it is no longer working.


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Let’s go back to yesterday!  Texas is receiving quite a bit of rain this week and it is Tuesday overnight and storms make their way through the Dallas area.  The thunder and lighting and heavy rain wake me about 3:00 AM.  I get out of bed and sit in the recliner for a while before I officially rise for the day.  Umm, the coffee did not start, did I forget to set it the night before?  No, but the clock on the coffee maker is off, but we have electricity because the digital clock on the oven is on.  Okay, the GFI is tripped, strange that has never occurred before.  Coffee is started, the start of the day is good – or so I thought.


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My routine is I drink coffee, exercise and meditate.  Not this morning; Gary and I have plans today and I have much to do this morning before we leave.  Upon finishing my coffee, I wake ‘Roxy’ (our Rat Terrier) to take her outside for her morning ‘business’.  I usually grab the pole and net and remove any leaves that may be in the pool while she is busy with her duties.  It is early morning, I need to turn on the pool light, the light does not come on.  Okay, what is going on?


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Back in the house and soon I find out, no TV, no internet and no home phone and several breakers and GFIs have tripped.  What is going on?

I try to reboot the modem to no success.  Then my wireless mouse and keyboard stop working and then I am in the kitchen and Gary comes in and turns the light on and one of them burns out.  I respond “This is going to be a bad day!”


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We need to leave for a busy day of activities and guess what; the garage door will not open.  The automatic garage door is not working, what is going on?

I unhook it and manually open and close, then lock and we leave.  Upon arriving back home later in the day, I walk through the front door and to the garage to manually unlock and open the garage door.  I then drive the truck into the garage and manually shut the garage door and lock it.

What a pain to have to manually open and close the garage door!

Oh but wait, I remember, there are people in South Texas with homes flooded, who would appreciate opening their garage doors manually.


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And there are people in other countries of the world who have lost everything due to earthquakes who would appreciate having a garage.


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It was not a bad day after all.

58 thoughts on “Opening and Closing the Garage Door

  1. Great post. It is so true that we take the small things in our lives to the extent that they seem so incredibly overwhelming and significant. Then we take a step back and realize that we’re lucky. But about the garage door automatically opening. When we lived in NJ I had the remote garage door opener in a box ready to be installed. Then the tax assessor made a visit and said my taxes would be raised if I installed the garage door opener. I returned it and looked at the manual opening and closing of the garage as well-needed exercise!

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  2. Way to rock the positive attitude! That is a great way to look at things! Thanks for sharing with everyone…I’ll have to take a leaf from your book! 🙂 I hope today is better all the same.

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    • Thanks dear, actually today is not much better, still issues going and so people are called and will be out to ‘fix’ the issues in the next several days. I am not happy since the house is on the market – I want everything to be perfect. Oh well. 🙂


  3. The title of this Post made me run to see and read it as I myself make Garage Doors here in India, not only for Garages but also for shops, godowns, and huge Industrial sheds.
    90% of my doors (Rolling Shutters) are manually operated. People in India are used to operate them manually, as making them automated works out costly.
    What you say in your post is very much true. The modern life has made us not to give more stretch and strain to our bodies.

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    • Thanks Shiva for the comment. I think we need things to ‘break’ every once in awhile to remind us of the good things we have and also that we do need to get up and move the body! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment and hoping your day is a happy one. 🙂

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  4. I can relate to this my home has automatic gates at the end of the drive, my windows have automatic blinds, and all my kitchen is electric ceramic hobs etc., so I get total shut down, then as you say we see what is going on around the world and this hugh problem seems to be pretty small, we are very lucky and have a lot to be grateful for. Hope you resolve your electric problem !

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    • Yes, sometimes it takes these types of issues to remind us there is a huge world of problems out there. Electric problems still occurring today, people are called and hopefully in the next couple of days everything will be fine again. Thanks for the comment, always appreciated! 🙂

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  5. You are so right, Terry. I was grumbling because the lightning hit our house last week and didn’t just trip switches but fried the mosquito misting system and two sockets in the garage. Then the floods came and it is catastrophic. As usual, Houstonians just rolled their sleeves up and got out in their bass boats to rescue people. Donations are flooding into centers and Red Cross. This time the floods hit rich and poor equally but it is so much harder for poorer people to get back on their feet. Good post and great perspective.

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  6. We can definitely take things for granted and in the grand scheme of things and grand scheme of life, they are unimportant. Always good to take time out and remind ourselves of this and that fact that, compared to others in the world, we have it so good. The other day I walked into a department store and out of the blue I just thought, how unnecessary and materialistic it all was and what on earth was I doing shopping for things I didn’t need, when there others in the world had nothing or were in the midst of civil war or famine or drought or even people in my own country living below the poverty line! No bad day can be as bad as some peoples bad days.

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    • Yes, very true about others in this world having less than us. It is difficult at times to remember this – I am glad you had that moment the other day as I did yesterday. It is a good reminder to us all. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment – I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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