Music & Words Award

I am running behind on responding to my award nominations – my apologies.  Awhile back I was nominated for another award.   The award Music & Words was bestowed on me by Brooke over at theutopiauniverse.  I encourage you to go over and visit Brooke’s magnificent blog.

Music & Words Award

The rules are:

Link back to the person who nominated you

Answer these questions with words and music

Pass the award to 5 bloggers who inspire you with posts about music & words.

Show the award on your blog

Quote these 5 rules and award icon in your post.


What does music mean to you?

Music to me is memories.  I do not listen to current music very often: I am stuck in the ‘70’s.  I have a category on my blog titled ‘My 70’s Music Collection’ and several of my posts have a music video associated to them.  I have many memories from the 1970s; good and bad and the music from that time brings these memories back to me.  And from these memories I write the posts.

What is your first music related memory?

Honestly I do not know.  I remember my mom and dad listening to Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdinck and others of the day – this would be the late 1960s & early 1970s.

What’s the first album you purchased yourself?

I have no idea!  I remember the most important CD I brought; The Hits – Chapter One.  Do you remember why?

What’s the latest music you’ve purchased?

I have not purchased music in many years.  Sorry call me cheap, but I feel no need to ‘buy’ music when I can listen to it free.

Your guilty pleasures?

I have no pleasures that I feel guilty about.  Sorry, I live my life without regret and guilt.  Some of you may remember why this is my most favorite song in the world!

Here are my nominees for this award –


Joyce over at Poppies and Popcorn

David over at Life and Random Thinking

Maniparna over at SCATTERED THOUGHTS

Bernadette over at HADDON MUSINGS

You do not have to accept this award, but it is an opportunity to learn about your musical side.  Once again I would ask you go visit Brooke over at theutopiauniverse.

Thank you again Brooke, and I hope everyone enjoyed my music side.

22 thoughts on “Music & Words Award

  1. Love Roberta Flack…I think I wore my record out playing it over and over…I am sure I drove my neighbors nuts…LOL love your music….and I have a hard time with current music myself….nothing like the classics…LOL am I aging us calling the 70’s classics….LOL have a wonderful day…kat

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  2. The thing I love most about this post (apart from sharing the joy of your choices) is the fact that you have no pleasures you feel guilty about. Mister Terry I salute you because THAT is the way we should all be x

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  3. What a fun post! Born Free. Oh. My. God. I hadn’t heard that in years!!!!! I do find that image of Barry Manilow rather frightening, though. He’s had way too much work done on his face–but he does write the great songs!! Thanks for a fun read!!!

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    • LOL, yea I know what you mean about Barry – it is kinda scary. I was trying to find a video of him when he was younger, but could not find one I liked. Oh well, we all cannot be as beautiful as you and I! Kidding, just you that is beautiful! Happy day to you! 🙂


  4. I have never heard of this award but congratulations! I love Roberta Flack. She is actually from my hometown and I have her song “killing me softly” on my ipod. Admittedly, when it comes on, most of the time I have to jump it but I’ll never erase it.

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  5. First of all, BIG congratulations! You deserve all such awards… 🙂

    Thank you again, Terry 🙂 for nominating me, I’m really overwhelmed…

    Great to know about your musical side.
    Music is a companion to me, a friend who stays by my side, no matter what. I even listen to music while walking, with my earphones on.
    My parents love all sorts of music and I’ve grown up listening to Indian Classical along with Madonna, Beatles, Led Zeppelin and many others.
    I love dance numbers, the energy in them boosts up my soul ( I love dancing as well)
    I really have forgotten which album I bought first…no idea…same as you… 😀
    And, it’s a long time I haven’t bought any CDs. However, I gifted a set of CDs to my friend a few months ago.

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    • Thanks Maniparna, you have such a wide range of music interests! And the dancing part – yes – I love to dance also – and it is good for us! Thanks for reading and commenting – have a great day! 🙂

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