He makes me want to be the best I can be.

He makes me want to be a better person.  He makes me want to be the best I can be.


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Why is this?

There is an article on the thoughtcatalog.com website that lists signs your relationship is making you a better person and includes the following –

You find yourself making more and more tiny compromises—about which type of movie to watch, or what time to eat dinner—without feeling at all bitter.

Your main need might just be to meet their needs. And why not? You’ve spent enough years focused entirely on number one.

Overwhelmed by gratitude, you catch yourself saying “thank you” with more enthusiasm than necessary—to people who hold open doors, compliment you, or look friendly in general. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You want to return the Universe’s favor, so you act kindly towards everyone, even not-so-nice strangers. It takes way more than an annoying street performer who gets in your face on the subway or a rude waiter to make you angry.

You’re drunk on Love Kool-Aid and you know it, but you’re not embarrassed. You’re desperate to share the joy running through your veins.

You’re more motivated than ever to exercise and eat healthy because you have more reason than ever to live longer.

Your general outlook is incredibly positive. Bad things definitely happen, but there’s so much good in the world, too. You know this because it led you to your lover.

Really?  That was not quite what I had in mind when writing this post.  For me my relationship is making me a better person because I want to be a better person for him.  He deserves a better person to be in his life to be his partner in life and to be his spouse, his support and his love.  This is why he makes me want to be the best I can be – to be a better person.  I know relationships are about 2 people and yes, I am a control freak at times and make it all about me.  I am working on this, because it is not always about me or should not always be about me.  I am working on this, because I want to be a better person for him.

He makes me want to be the best I can be.

Why is this?

Could it be love, devotion, dedication or commitment?  Well it may be a little of all – whatever the reason, it is good for me.  It is good for me because I want to be good for him.  I want to be the best for him, a better person; the best I can be.


Image Provided by: spearfruit.com

He makes me want to be the best I can be and I am a better person because of him.

54 thoughts on “He makes me want to be the best I can be.

  1. Especially a spouse but all friendships I think should be positive in some area of our lives, I don’t think a close friendship can be a neutral influence. I know one friend was a great example to me because he cooked, and so I copied him.

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  2. This posts’ bottom line reminds me of a line spoken by Jack Nicholson in “as good as it gets.”
    He said “you make me want to be a better man.” That was so simple yet so powerful at the same time.
    You have captured the same essence with your post. 🙂

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    • Thanks Maniparna, appreciate your kind comment. The bird (not sure if it a parrot or not) is very cool and belongs to a friend. I am unsure if he still has it as he was looking for a new home for it. Have a happy day! 🙂

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  3. I was reading another blog your wrote about the past and I tried to comment on it but my iPad locked up over and over. I wanted to tell you about that post, I think it was labeled 18 from the past…It is this kind of real, raw, emotional writing, that lets others really connect to themselves and know that we all can feel overwhelmed at times and have our minds just completely out of control and that we are not alone in this. The fact that you knew it, realized it, didn’t act on it, called your mom for help, is a real testament to the deep love for your children that stood stronger than all the other emotions. I really appreciate your writing. And then I read this post and was again inspired by the trueness and Pureness of your writing. And how you are always moving forward and thinking of other’s feelings. I am really glad to have found your blog.

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    • Thank you very much for the kind compliment! I know the other post you are speaking of and I actually went back to read it again – it always brings tears to my eyes – even after all these years. Thank you for reading my posts, your comments and for following my blog! I hope your day is a happy one! 🙂


  4. Wonderful sentiments Terry.
    So pleased you have found your one true…..
    I am still a work in progress but I am very close to a lady who I accommodate at every level. The amazing thing is it makes me happy seeing her happy. It makes me happy helping her get on. It is of no issue that we have what she wants for dinner, watches what she wants on TV, go where she wants on a day trip.
    So amazed because I have never before felt like this with any of my many girlfriends over the years (lets face it I am nearly 50!) so I hope upon hope that this blossoms into something that nears what you and Gary have together.

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  5. You know that you are in a life affirming relationship when you write a post filled with positive self reflection like this one. Congratulations on picking a loving a good for you spouse and for recognizing it.

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    • Thank you Bernadette, I appreciate you reading and commenting today. I feel fortunate to have the relationship and this person in my life. I am a better person because of them. Happy day to you! 🙂


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