our travel adventure

In my post ‘Why Move Now‘, I wrote the following –


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My husband and I are very ready to move on – we have been in a rut for some time now and this change is needed for both of us.  There are a few decisions to be made concerning the next living situation, but the location is finalized and so our excitement grows every day as we get closer to the list date of our current home.

In our next location, we look forward to exploring more and to be excited about life once again.  We are ready to leave this current chapter and start the new one.  We would like to travel more, meet new friends, and become healthier and just live life again.

In my post ‘The Curveball‘, I wrote the following –

Here comes the curveball!  Upon our trip to Vero Beach, Florida last week, Gary & I started thinking about ‘Plan B’.  Oh, I never told you about ‘Plan B’, because I thought we were set on ‘Plan A’. ‘Plan A’, is moving to Vero Beach, Florida and we had decided to do that and that is the reason for our recent trip there.


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Now we are rethinking this and thinking about ‘Plan B’.  The placing of the current home on the market in 2 weeks will take place and the selling within the next several months will take place, but the moving to Vero Beach, Florida may not take place: at least not now – maybe later – but not now.

In today’ post I write the following –

After some soul searching and research, we have decided what our next steps are.  We decided ‘Plan B’; but I have not told you about ‘Plan B’.  ‘Plan B’ is we are traveling the United States for a while before we settle down.  Will that settling down be in Vero Beach?  Maybe or maybe not.  After visiting Vero Beach, the second time, we felt we may get back into that same rut.  Buying another home and having the same responsibilities regarding it would mean we are not doing anything different and we would be doing the same thing, just somewhere else.  And though we would be somewhere different and we would do some traveling; we still felt we would not be on a total adventure.  This is where ‘Plan B’ comes in – our travel adventure – the traveling the United States and exploring and experiencing and meeting new friends and living life again.


Image Provided by: casitatraveltrailers.com

So the house is on the market now for 2 weeks and we are in the process of searching for an RV and a new truck to take us across the United States.  We are in planning mode and plotting our trip to take us to the end of the year.  Where will our travels take us?

I will end this post with a sentence I wrote in my post ‘The Curveball‘ –

I am being thrown a curveball; therefore you also are being thrown a curveball.

More to come on your curveball – wait for it!

67 thoughts on “our travel adventure

  1. Ah ha!!! my plan C was your plan B….good for you….my only advise is, and it comes from experience, before buying a trailer or RV..rent some and try them out…wish we would of, it would of saved us some $$$, as the first one we bought was so not what we wanted…LOL what fun…I can tell you that we have had life changing experiences driving around the USA…and what beauty there is out there….good for you…there is nothing like having your own bed with you!!!! really makes it home…can’t wait to follow you on your journey….kat

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  2. I am so excited for you both! What a great idea to travel and explore your country!
    Here in South Africa, so many people want to travel overseas to explore other countries, and I have often thought, why not travel your own country first and explore…there always are so many wonderful places that half of us never knew existed. Good on both of you. Now what is going to happen to your little dog, is he going to go exploring with you?

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    • Thank you Lynne – yes I agree about exploring one’s own country – there is much here to see and explore. Roxy (our dog) will be coming with us on the adventure – she loves to travel, but makes it all about her! It should be interesting. Happy Friday! 🙂

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  3. Are you sure you want to move to florida?
    We lived there for several years till we decided we had enough.
    Too many mosquitoes! Nosey neighbors. Some rude people ( but not everyone is rude ) some hurricanes, although it never bothered me.
    If it were me…..pick the rv!!
    Travel the usa, before it really changes. Trust me. 😉
    Enjoy the sites, meet new friends, enjoy the quietness when you need to. You wont regret it. 😉

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