Life begins out of my comfort zone

A couple of weeks ago, the American Idol series ended.  I missed the first season, but I faithfully watch season 2 to this ending season, the series finale.

Even if you are not a fan of American Idol, you have got to admit there were some good artists that came from this TV series.  These were people from all walks of life who took a step, a journey and chance to see if they could do something and to be something.  Some made it and others did not.  But the one common factor of all these thousands upon thousands of people over the years of American Idol had in common, they stepped out and took a chance.

On one of the episodes this past final season, a contestant performed with a song they were not necessary comfortable with, a song not usually in their genera.  Upon the completion of their singing, Jennifer Lopez praised the contestant for the performance and said something interesting.  She said “Life begins when stepping out of your comfort zone.”

In July of last year, Gary and I went on our first trip of 4 to Florida to find the next location that we would call home.  Upon our return home I wrote a post ‘The Home Comfort Zone‘, and I wrote the following –

To grow and to live, I must move from my comfort zone and let go of the familiar and let go of the past.  Is there a magic to this process of movement from static to dynamic?  What will be waiting for me during the process?  What will be waiting once completed?  What if I fail to leave the comfort zone because of fear?  What will and what if should not be in my vocabulary, these are fear words that keep me from moving from my comfort zone.

The results of moving from my comfort zone I believe will be living a happy life.  It will be tough as I am set in my ways, but old habits can be deleted from me and new habits created.  These new habits will be of excitement, undertaking something different, meeting people and making new friends.

In my post ‘our travel adventure‘, I wrote the following –

So the house is on the market now for 2 weeks and we are in the process of searching for an RV and a new truck to take us across the United States.  We are in planning mode and plotting our trip to take us to the end of the year.  Where will our travels take us?

I conclude today’s post with the following –

I will leave the home comfort zone once the current home is sold.  I will leave my set ways, my current habits and start anew.  I will do this: but I will admit I have some uncertainty and some fear.  But then again if I do not try, my life will not begin again.  The time is ticking, am I ready?  The current home is on the market and ready to be sold, am I ready?  The decision has been made, am I ready?

Life begins out of my comfort zone, am I ready?

43 thoughts on “Life begins out of my comfort zone

  1. You’re never 100% ready for such a big change as there’s the emotional part to it as well. You will cry and you will have doubts, but don’t let that hold you back. Nine years ago I uprooted from my birth home of Arizona to move to Washington. A lot of emotions were involved for a year after, but it was something we wanted to do. It was one of the best life decisions I made, but yes, it was hard. Don’t let the fear of the unknown bother you. 😀

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    • Thank you Paula, I appreciate your comment and know it is fear that keeps me well basically here! I need to go on this adventure and realize there is so much more out there beyond just my backyard! Thanks for reading – always appreciated! 🙂

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  2. It is the peaks and valleys that we are most alive, creating the stories that will outlive us. When Ted Roosevelt was shot in the chest and went ahead to give his speech, bloody shirt witness to his determination, those are the moments that live and are remembered.

    A year of adventure, and triumphs I hope you discover together with laughter in the valleys.

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  3. I am excited to follow you on your next “voyage.” I hope you take comfort in being together, and that you enjoy the many things you will get to explore. While leaving friends will be hard, I always tell myself that “the world is flat.” With today’s technology, you are just a Skype or an airline ticket away! Enjoy the journey!

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    • Thank you Lynn, I am more excited than anything – some fear to leave behind my routine of the past 13 years – my comfort zone. All will be good, this I know. Thank you for reading and commenting today! Happy Saturday! 🙂

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  4. You´re absolutely right with this, Terry! Getting out of our comfort zone really is important. Maybe not everyday as there are some benefits to be taken from regularity I believe, but every so often. I really should do this more often as well 😉 Have a great journey ahead of you! xoxo

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  5. Terry, you know what, I think fear has set in, and that is perfectly normal and natural…the fear of the unknown. When your house sells, and it is time to move on, you will, and all will slip into place and a new venture will begin. Every new day, is a new beginning. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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    • Thanks Lynne, yes I would have to agree – I become set in my routine and ways and changing them creates some fear for me. But I know change is good and I will adjust. A wonderful weekend to you as well. 🙂

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  6. It’s a great saying, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. But, I think, it needs a kinda mindset, determination, and courage to embrace life as it comes out of the comfort zone. There are uncertainties and tensions, but eventually, people with a strong willpower, survive. I’m sure you’ll be a winner…. 🙂

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    • Maniparna I agree, it does take a mindset, which is what I am currently changing. I am looking forward to it – I need it – it is good for me. Thanks for stopping by today, I always appreciate it! 🙂

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  7. Wow, can I relate to this….moving from home to home has never been challenging to me…I am sure I have gypsy blood, however, for 40 years I have never lived any further than 5 miles from either of my children….with that said, distance is only what you make of it….then there is the thought of leaving the ocean….I have in all of my life either lived with the ocean out my front door or within 30 miles….I hate to say it I miss it more than my kids, as we have Skype and talk/text on the phones almost everyday…really no different than being there, again with the exception of an occasional hug….I was hesitant to move to a dry, arid climate….but I embraced it..and how much fun has it been….we don’t live in luxury, really I never have, I am so bohemian that it makes even me laugh….LOL and in my opinion home is where you lay your head every night, whether its a beautiful home, a RV, a shack on the sea……I am so excited for you guys….and its only natural to feel apprehensive….but after you take the first step into your new journey, all that melts away and excitement replaces it…I can’t wait to see where the wind blows you guys….LOL can you tell I am excited for you…..I am happy a blast in my life…and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be living in the Sonoran Desert…..LOL kat

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    • kat, thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. I can tell in your writing you are a carefree go with the flow person. I like that, but at times it is difficult for me. That go with the flow is not part of my comfort zone – not yet anyway. I appreciate you very much dear! 🙂


      • Oh but it will soon be, don’t get me wrong, living on the road still takes some planning and we watched the weather all the time…as you are well aware at how fickle the weather has become no matter what time of the year….you will soon learn how kicked back you can get…its all about relaxing and enjoying life….you’ll get the knack, I am positive of it…

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  8. Get out of that comfort zone and start living life to the absolute full!
    Enjoy every minute Terry.
    Life is short and we must manage what time we have without wasting it.
    I feel like I too an in a rut at the moment BUT I am so excited about my future I just want it to get started…..

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