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I wrote in my post ‘our travel adventure‘, the following –


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So the house is on the market now for 2 weeks and we are in the process of searching for an RV and a new truck to take us across the United States.  We are in planning mode and plotting our trip to take us to the end of the year.  Where will our travels take us?

In my post ‘Plan B; your curveball‘, I wrote the following –

This journey on wheels Gary and I are taking is very exciting and new to us.  We feel it is something we want and need to do.  Where will we eventually end up, we do not know.  But in the process, if I could meet some of you who follow my blog – that would be awesome.  Let me know.

In today’s post, I write the following –


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Gary and I bought a new truck last week.  My previous truck was not equipped to handle towing an RV and the new one will.  We continue planning our trip that will take place as soon as the house is sold and the remaining belongings are either sold, given away or put into storage.

After several months of viewing RVs and the pros and cons of each one, we decided on the RV we will buy and take with us and live in for at least the next 6 – 12 months and maybe longer.  Our current home is 3,800 Sq.  Feet living space and our new RV that we will call home for quite a while will be less than 300 Sq. Feet – quite a difference!  We will be towing and living in a travel trailer and going on an adventure.  Where are our travels taking us?  How long do we plan to stay at each location?  These will soon be revealed as we have not finalized our plans.  The schedule and locations continue to be a work in progress and will not be set in stone as we understand there may be things out of our control that may affect the schedule.  We also may have a planned location and then find there are more activities and places to visit and stay longer.

In the time being – it is 3 weeks for the current house to be on the market.  The market here was slow the latter part of April and with wet and stormy weather, there was not much home buyers out looking.  May is here and the sun will be out more and hopefully the home buyers will be as well.


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Oh and my response from yesterday’s request – do you remember?  If you did not read yesterday’s post, I suggest you do.  The emails are coming in and additional stops along the way are being added to our schedule.  Future post about who I will be visiting soon – I will tell you this first part of the trip that will last till the end of this year is only half the United States.  Sorry, some of you will have to wait for a visit until next year.  Please do not be upset, your time will come!

26 thoughts on “Truck, RV & Plans

    • A little settled Lynne, the house is not being seen much, we are somewhat disappointed in that. We are having another open house tomorrow – our hopes it will sell soon – we are ready! As always I appreciate your comments – happy day friend! 🙂

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    • It is very exciting – ready to get started – still need to sell the house. When we head your way Jean, I will certainly let you know. Thanks for stopping by today to read and comment! 🙂

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  1. what a beautiful shiny truck….there is only one piece of advice I can give you from experience….don’t over take stuff….our first big trip out was around the edge of the US…we packed so much crap ….LOL we got home unloaded over 1/2 of what we took….we have been RVing for over 5 years and have learned that less is best in a RV or trailer…there are stores if you really need some thing..of course this is just my opinion….but we cut way back in everything…after all you can only use 1 towel at a time…we counted and we had over 10 big bath towels….taking up room…we took 5….I am only telling you as its hard to throw stuff out after you take off, ,but its not hard to stop and buy more….LOL It will feel tiny for awhile but I love that everything has a place and you can always find it….my husband is a stickler for putting things away…so he really loves it…LOL I am so excited for you guys…kat

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    • Thank you kat for the advice! Yes, I understand about not taking too much stuff – it will be interesting and different. We have been downsizing for a year now and still have a ways to go. Thanks dear, always appreciate your comments. 🙂


      • we found it really hard not to take extra stuff…thinking how could we live without it…LOL believe me its so much nicer not having to work around a lot extras, especially in the kitchen….I am so excited for you guys….!! kat

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          • LOL the question we have learned to ask ourselves it, Are we really going to use that and what for…then how often….I would rather take a good book and my needle work that 5 extra towels, that we might use, maybe, that are going to sit on a shelf taking up precious space…and the same with shoes….its so easy to think we need them all…when in reality, I take 3 pair, hiking, causal and causal dress up….but we have a spot under the seats in our eating area to add shoes, so that works out well., you will also have the bed of the truck you can put a couple extra totes full of the extras that you don’t use often….we have a rack on the back that holds the spare, and 2 totes…one for gathering rocks and plants…LOL…the other with dog food and that kind of stuff…Just have fun…don’t stress, it will get easier as you go..kat

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          • Of course you understand that all the BS advice I am giving you about the trailer is my excitement for you guys…and its just that my opinion about this and that….have fun with it…kat

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  2. This is sooo cool! The RV selected and a new truck!!! Truck is beautiful! (My man has a black truck and there’s just something sexy about a handsome man driving one! ;))

    Can’t wait to hear about adventures once you and Gary commence them! ❤️

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