This Blog, the next generation

In my post ‘Changing Focus‘, I wrote the following –

Some new subjects I plan to write about will be about Gary and my travel events.  We want to travel more and my hope is to write about the exciting locations we will be visiting.  I plan to also have a video blog; if you haven’t noticed, I have already added this category to the above menu with some related posts.  I also plan to post pictures with interesting stories associated to them.  I will continue ‘My 70’s Music Collection’ posts and I have a few other subjects that I hope will keep you coming back.


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In today’s post, I write the following –

This Friday will be my first year anniversary of blogging and the focus of my blog will change some.  I had the intention of taking a year to write about my past life and events that brought me from a young boy to a man a year ago when I began writing this blog.  The past life is wrapping up and starting my second year of blogging will be more about current day events.  You remember in my post ‘Spring Cleaning‘, I cleaned up my blog site and added categories that best fit my posts.  Within the next week there will be several new categories added to the existing ones.  These categories are ‘Travel Events’, ‘A Blast from the Past’ and ‘Pictures & Stories’.

My second year of blogging will mainly be about current day events.  These current day events will include our travels, explorations and adventures that we will have in our RV as we travel the United States.  Also in the current day events will be the everyday happenings; the ups, the downs, the boring, the excitement, the normal life stuff.  I will continue to post about my thoughts and feelings about life, living and me.  Be on the lookout for my ‘Video Logs’; they should be fun and interesting and may surprise you.  I am also planning a blog series where I take a picture and I will write a short story about it.  When I write, it is usually about the thoughts in my head and I just type them.  For my category ‘Pictures & Stories’ I want to take pictures and be creative and write fictional stories about them.

My hope is to write posts of interests and events, thoughts, stories, adventures and ideas.

I look forward to changes in my writing and in my life.  I look forward to this blog, the next generation.  I hope you do as well!

My blog has no theme song, so instead I will use Star Trek TNG (that’s The Next Generation, for you non Trekkies)

48 thoughts on “This Blog, the next generation

  1. It’s been a wonderful journey thus far – the new journey will be the greatest adventure of all, I rather think and I so look forward to following along with you 🙂

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  2. That’s why I felt immediately connected with your words, TNG was my life in college! I look forward to your 2nd year with great anticipation 🙂

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  3. Congratulations! So many exciting changes in your life… travel, new hometown, and new focus for the blog. Thank you for sharing your journey as it unfolds. I have to say I am beyond impressed at how thoughtfully this evolution has been planned!

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