PHAIN (the H is silent)

In my post ‘Get Over It’, I wrote the following –


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The last several weeks, events have occurred and my thinking has changed.  I no longer am feeling the unhappiness I felt and have put into place a reminder to myself how to be happy even when those aches and pains are present.  In future weeks I will post about these events of the past weeks and the reminder to myself each and every day to be happy.

In today’s post, I write the following –

The reminder to myself each and every day to be happy is –

PHAIN – (the H is silent)


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From, I found information about Irish Genealogy records for the surname PHAIN in Co. Armagh.

How does this relate to this post?  Nothing!  I thought I had created a new word, but instead someone else is already using it, my tuff luck!  Anyway I really am not using this as a word but instead as an acronym.

P – Patience,

H – Happiness,

A – and

I – in the moment

N – now.

You see my subconscious mind thinks, reacts, and functions subconsciously.  When I was a young man and going through my decade + of therapy to overcome a major depression, I learned to reprogram my subconscious.  I still do this today as this is the method for me to change and become a better person.  When I was born, my mind was already pre-programmed, then the conscious me as a young child added to that programming that then resulted in a defective mind.  I did this by telling myself I was stupid, a mistake, worthless and nobody cared.  Anything that is defective needs to be fixed or replaced and this is what I did and continue to do today.

So, as my re-programming continues, I have to remind my subconscious with reminders from my conscious.  But honestly I am forgetful; therefore my conscious forgets to remind my subconscious.  What can I use to remind my conscious to remind my subconscious to re-program?  Okay, I got it!

I ask myself “What do you feel on a daily basis?”  I reply to myself “Pain”.  That is correct; I experience pain every day in my shoulders and back and sometimes in the arms and neck.  Can this pain remind my conscious to remind my subconscious to re-program?  I think so!

Pain – how can I use this as an acronym?  P – Patience, A – and, I – in the moment, N – now.  But what about happiness, I need happiness in there somewhere.

So when I feel pain in my back or shoulders or arms or neck or a combination of all of them, I recite the acronym ‘PHAIN.’ (the H is silent)


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Yes, the pain I feel on a daily bases is a great reminder not only to remind my conscious to remind my sub-conscious to re-program, but also is a great reminder to have patience, happiness and in the moment now.

31 thoughts on “PHAIN (the H is silent)

  1. Clever acronym; one ANYBODY can benefit from. (This is directed to all your readers.) How many of you LIVE in the moment rather than simply EXIST in the moment? Life has so much to offer. Why not ACTIVELY participate and enhance the quality of your life!!

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    • Thank you Dr. J., living in the moment is difficult for me and for others as well. And me having some forgetfulness, I need reminders! This is one of them. Thank you for reading and commenting – have a happy day my friend.

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  2. Learning to live in the moment is so important. It really helps us to live life more fully and to find joy in simple things. It also offers a reprieve from our struggles. It certainly is an ongoing process. I like the acronym!

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  3. Terry, That H may be silent…but ever so powerful! It certainly makes all the difference. I do think messages to the subconscious reverberate back and forth from the silent unconscious to the active conscious and back and forth. I don’t think your mind was ever defective (and concerned for you that this is not too positive a message for your sub-conscious to continue to repeat or accept). Rather you got some very wrong, negative, and untrue messages that had to be changed that said that. You are smart, worthy, and cared for…in the now. The old messages are over. The past is past and you can be happy and live in the moment cherished by friends and loved ones. All the best to you….Jo

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    • Jo, such a lovely uplifting comment – thank you. And I agree the old messages are over, one reason for this blog – to rid them goodbye. Thanks for the nice comment, always appreciated. Have a happy day my friend! 🙂

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