The Film Noir Star

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


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The Film Noir Star –

Is he a Casanova?  Those eyes, that mustache, the lips; do they tell the story of who this guy really is?  What about a spy?  Could he be a secret agent?  Who is this mysterious man?

It was a rainy day, late afternoon and World War II was taking place in a land far, far away.  The month is April, and the sky is crying the tears of the lost ones that are scattered amongst the rubble of Europe.  The location is locked down from intruders and the war torn buildings some blazing fire are hazed with the fierce rain and wind.  The summoned crowd of spectators are hurried in their stride with their umbrellas opened to protect them from the heavy rain.

The afternoon of storms has brought those out that must partake in the event, including her.  But she is withdrawn and hidden within the crowd not appearing to be noticed by those around her.  Her life, her day are one of sadness as she wanders in the rain and ponders about that time and about that place.  Will it be gone forever?  Will she be the same?  And what of him, her lost love?

Then he appears almost out of nowhere amongst the crowd of spectators and reaches out to her.  But who is he and what are his intentions?  He reaches to her as his left eyebrow is lifted and responds with a touch on her shoulder.  As she turns around he responds “I am here my darling.”  The picture fades and the words ‘The End’ scroll across the screen.

Who is this mysterious man?

30 thoughts on “The Film Noir Star

  1. Terry! Come on! WHO IS HE??????? Now you got me all wrapped up in the mystery and you stop it? Just. Like. That??? Oy. Maybe he’s her hair stylist!!! (more posts like this please! )XOXOXO!!!

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  2. It doesn’t matter who he is … that’s the delight of this tale. He’s been gone, he is back. He is whole. At the moment of closing he is what she dreamed of. That’s how this story speaks to me. It has tinges of Brief Encounter – the end of which, to me, is amongst the saddest and yet most hopeful of all.

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    • Thanks Osyth, it was interesting receiving the responses. I wrote a short story and was curious how it would be perceived. I have not decided where to come from here with this one, but have a couple of ideas! Hope the weekend has been good to you. 🙂

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  3. Ooh! This is so fun!

    I’m going to wish this was her long lost lover as a closet romantic. Lol! Finding her in a crowd… maybe it was close to the end of the war and he came back. 😍

    I like this format of a short story with us guessing the mystery! Keep em coming!!

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