The planning continues

In my post ‘Plan B; your curveball‘, I concluded with the following –

If you are interested in meeting in person, some day in the future, let me know.  You can send an email to and let me know you are interested.  Also let me know your location, I do not need your address, just the city and state would be fine.  This way I can try to fit in a meeting up with you into our trip we are planning and who knows – maybe we can meet in person!

This journey on wheels Gary and I are taking is very exciting and new to us.  We feel it is something we want and need to do.


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Where will we eventually end up, we do not know.  But in the process, if I could meet some of you who follow my blog – that would be awesome.  Let me know.

Batter up – this is your curveball!

In today’s post, I write the following –

I have received emails from several of you and look forward to starting our travels soon.  If anyone else is interested, you are welcome to send me an email at the above email address.  Our planning continues as we plot our course and plan the details of travel adventure.  Where are we going?  What part of the United States will we travel?  Where are our stops?  These and other questions will be answered soon and hopefully the adventure will begin soon as well.

Image 1

There is still a house to sell and possessions to rid of and other activities that must be dealt with before the travel begins.  Gary and I are ready to begin, but other activities must first take place before hand.  The truck is bought and an RV has been picked out.  We are waiting to purchase the RV until the house is sold.

As we continue to plan, I will keep you posted on the progress.

28 thoughts on “The planning continues

  1. I am so excited for you guys…..any takers on the house…full moon on the 21st…we all need to dance under the moon with the thoughts of selling your home….hell it couldn’t hurt!!! LOL I will be out there for you…and as you know, clothes are optional….LOL kat

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