Casino Trip

Gary and I go visit the nearest casino every 2-3 months.  If you have time you can read these related posts ‘How Slot Machines Work’ and ‘The ‘Big Win’ Trip‘.

We decided we needed a break from our current routine of keeping a house spotless because it is on the market to sell – so – let’s go have some fun at the casino!

A week ago we went and did our usual routine at the casino.  We live in Dallas and we go to the Winstar casino in Oklahoma, which is about an hour and a half’s drive.  Winstar is good to us in that they give us free rooms and free meals and a little extra money on them to gamble with.  So our routine casino trip is; we depart from home on Tuesday about 2:30 PM and we arrive at the casino around 4:00 PM.  We check into our free room, then go have our free dinner buffet, then start gambling with their money.  Then we lose it and start using our money – we have a budget – and we stick to it.  We usually gamble to early morning, around 3:00 – 4:00 AM.  We then sleep for about 3 hours, get up and have our free breakfast buffet, leave and arrive home Wednesday around noon.

That’s it; our usual routine at the casino.

I decided to take you with me this time – watch – and have fun!

69 thoughts on “Casino Trip

  1. A good video and post personally due to having once (in another life) been married to a person who gambled on raindrops running down a window,; casino doesn’t do it for me. As you’d expect, but the enjoyment you have and the way it relaxes you is apparent. As you wouldn’t enjoy having your legs waxed or a facial , but if I taped it you would maybe watch? Keep having fun!

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  2. That was so much fun!! You guys are a hoot and the rollercoaster ride of losing, winning, losing, I almost couldn’t keep up but was smiling throughout especially with the “hi Gary.” I hope you are doing well today, I was thinking about you this morning. Take care! 🙂

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  3. Wow, I love going to the casino but ours are nowhere near as blingy as yours. Also we don’t get anything for free. I’d love to go to an American casino…maybe I’d have better luck too 🙂

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    • Oh Steve, you need to come on over and visit a casino: Las Vegas is the obvious choice, but you don’t get much free there – but it is worth the visit. Our casino near by is always sending us free rooms and buffets every month! They want us to come back and lose more money! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment – always appreciated. 🙂

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  4. What fun! I budget a specific amount each year to play the slots in Black Hawk, west of Denver. (Usually penny slots and typically able to go home with at least the same amount I went there with.) No free stays or free meals, though. Cripple Creek is closer to where I live, but I always lose there (okay, I won $500 once on a $20 bet, but nothing since). Love the video! Thanks for sharing with us.

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    • Joyce, so glad you enjoyed the video. Gary and I always have a budget and I think once left with more money than we started with. We always walk away with less money, but we stick to the budget. Thanks for reading and commenting – happy day my friend! 🙂


  5. 😦 the video didn’t work for me, I will check back tomorrow to see if it will play then…we stop at a lot of casinos, my husband loves to contribute to them…LOL a lot of times if we are in-between stopping places we spend the night in their parking lots and many of them have hook ups for a reasonable price….kat

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      • we bought the book, its about casinos and rv’s in the US…they have the address, phone #’s and info about hook up s or parking….or no parking..but we use it all the time…and they normally are much cheaper than rv parks….and you have the casino…well worth it…I always do a google search of the area we are heading for casinos and walmarts (some will let you park for free overnight) for the just in case we are need to stop….walmarts have come in hand more than once for us…Out of Denver we were exhausted and in need of sleep….Walmart here we come…LOL just a thought…but we are famous for staying at casinos, some have wonderful rv/resort parks, pools, spas the whole works for 25$ and then you can eat at there restaurants ….and they have shuttles that come get you and drop you off…well worth looking into…is it raining yet???

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        • It is good to know ahead of time about the possibilities of staying overnight somewhere. I did find a couple of websites that I can do some trip planning and their maps have all the locations for casinos, Walmarts with/without overnight parking and all the RV parks. Good information to have. 🙂


          • yes its amazing at what’s out there…we never make reservations anywhere we just never know what is going to come up…LOL there are also clubs you can join, thousand trails, encore, they have really nice resort/rv parks, we have stayed in some of theres if they have room at the end of the day, its always club member’s first…lots of discounts, AARP, Sams club, Costco…AAA we also learned if you don’t need to dump, you can get a cheaper site for just electric and H2O and they use the dump station on your way out – instead of having it at the campsite…another thought….it is really nice to have a flush system already built into the trailer….we didn’t get that with the small RV we have as its not offered, but man its nice!!!…kat

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  6. So funny. I haven’t been to a casino in a long time, but it used to go something like this… Owen and I would each get a budget of $20. He would place it all on one bet at a roulette wheel and be done in about 5 minutes. I would sit and a nickel slot machine and he would have to wait for me for about two hours, lol. (Wonder why they never offered us a free room???)

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  7. Yay I got the video worked….what fun….I love Gary’s emotional roller coaster he was on….highs and lows of the casino…love at the end you were both winning…makes it so much more fun….thank for the video….loved it…kat

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  8. Although we were in Las Vegas a while back. I never played any of the machines. We just roamed around seeing the sights and took in a few shows. We do have some casinos near us in Connecticut (Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun))and I think you’d like them if your travel this way. Take care and thanks for the fun ride-along.

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