From my post ‘Happenings on the Homefront‘, I wrote the following –


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As some of you may know, selling a home and having it listed on the market can at times be hectic.  Gary and I always want our home to show perfectly and immaculately.  We are neat in our living and our home is always clean and tidy.  Especially now that the home is ready to sell and we never know when that next call will come in for the next showing.

In today’s post, I write the following –

We are waiting for that next call and the next showing.

The house is on the market now for 5 weeks today.  The amount of showings in these past weeks has been disappointing.  The initial excitement we had to sell the home has diminished some, but we continue to remain confident the house will sell soon.  While we continue to remain optimistic we continue to keep the house spotless both inside and outside.  During this time, we continue to plan the next chapter in our lives, which as you know is Plan B – our travel adventure.

Several open houses have taken place with additional ones in the works in the next couple of weeks.  Once a solid offer is received, additional downsizing will take place.


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We have not made a final decision on what we will keep and store and what we will rid of.  We may choose to have an estate sale and sale everything, or take another route to sell some items and keep others.  Time will tell on what we will decide.  We also will need to officially buy the RV which at this point will be a travel trailer.  We anticipate the weight of it empty and the added weight with what we will take will us will be under that weight capacity our new truck can tow.

We are very anxious to sell the home because quite frankly we are ready to move on.  We are excited about our future and ready to embark on the adventure we are planning.

Obviously depending on the result of my next urology visit, some future plans may need to be changed.

But in the meantime we both have become a little irritable lately because the keeping the house spotless to show potential buyers and not having potential buyers come look at it – well – is stressful and we have become restless.

The additional activities that will take place once a solid offer is in place and the results of my next Dr. F. visit are on hold until the time comes.  In the meantime, we continue to clean windows, dust furniture, wipe countertops, pickup leaves from the yard and wait for that next call and the next showing.

The frustration of the day in day out constant routines to keep the house ‘show-ready’ are getting to me.

I am ready to move on!

57 thoughts on “show-ready

  1. I completely understand how frustrating it is to keep your house pristine at all times, especially when you don’t feel well. We are a tad more relaxed in the UK and always stay in the house while viewers visit but try to remain inconspicuous. Teddy and I snip at each other all the time about nothing at all! 🙂

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  2. Hi Terry ! I understand about the getting your house show ready , and then no one coming to see it , or only a few ones showing up 😉 . Could you , if you haven’t done so already , take lots of pictures or videos – while waiting for possible buyers to show up , as soon as you are in the midst of something they’re sure to show up 😉 – after you clean it up once again ? Not to show us (although that would be great even if still giving us house-envy) but to keep for your future memories ?
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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    • We have plenty of pictures taken of the house. Search for my post ‘Home For Sale’, it has most of the professional pictures that were taken. Hopefully soon we will get some additional showings and an offer. Have a happy day my friend! 🙂

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        • Glad you sent me there ! One of the many posts I missed , it will take a while to get up to date with everyone 😉
          And what a lovely house and what you’ve done with it :)Oh Yes ! “This is it , this is the One” would be my words if I were ever to walk through it … and if I could ever buy a house your side of the pond 😉
          Lovely Terry ! Someone will surely fall in love with it and they will be just the right family for your beautiful and very much loved house 🙂
          Turtle Hugs

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  3. Completely understand. My partner moved 7 weeks before the kids and I did. I had to pack and clean by myself. Thankfully we didn’t put the house on the market until after we left. It greatly lessened the stress. Hoping your house sells soon so at least you can start making plans to move forward.

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  4. It is frustrating but remember, this is an election year and people are being a bit cautious until the outcome of the November result. Also, there are a lot of graduations and communions and weddings taking place now. Don’t forget vacations. So stay positive. Also–and I know this might be weird to you but my Catholic superstitions are coming back. Take a statue of St. Joseph and bury it UPSIDE DOWN in your backyard. Your house will sell. St. Josseph will help! Oh yes. He will help!

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    • LOL, okay I will definitely bury St. Joseph upside down in the backyard. I know you know your stuff Catherine – and you could tell me anything and I would do it. Thanks dear, for the suggestion! Try not to work to hard today! 🙂


  5. It is a difficult time, Terry, to keep that house so perfect while selling. I’ve been there….. And it is soooo hard not to take it personally when someone doesn’t love and want it! But know that the perfect homeowner will come and there is much to enjoy each day as you wait – just try to focus on those things. I’m anxious for you to get through your doctor appt too! Hugs from Mars! A Plan B visit! 🙂

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  6. Oh Terry I will tell you I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker/Appraiser. I know all to well the frustrations on both ends. When We started our family (after MBA), as it grew I then just did High End Appraisals which I currently do on a part-time basis from my home office (As my children get older I will again partake in a full service Real Estate Company). Selling a home (residential) is subjective versus a multi-unit or commercial property. Your Broker will and should re-evaluate the current market trends (what is on the market, what has sold and at what purchase price). There is a lid for every pot my friend. When you least expect it the showing will occur and a sale forthcoming. Hang-in! Cheryl (AKA The Gatorette).

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    • Thank you Cheryl, I appreciate your comment. Our realtor has re-evaluated and we actually are right in line with the current market price for our area and size home. Our home is in a area where most homes are smaller and older and therefore less in price – those homes are selling. For other properties comparable to ours, they are not selling as quickly. As you indicated there is a lid for every pot – so we continue to wait! Thanks for the comment, certainly appreciated! Have a happy weekend. 🙂

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  7. I’m reading your post thinking this is going to be the Big T and I soon (though probably without the RV). We aren’t great at keeping a house “show-ready” — especially with a teenager around too, but like you are soooo ready to move on. Good luck with your sale process and your next appointment!

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  8. What a lovely home you´ve got, Terry! And I greatly admire how you manage to keep it looking so awesome all the time! I´m absolutely sure it will sell soon and well!! You just need to hold your breath a little bit longer, my friend 🙂 Good luck for your appointment! Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

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  9. Good luck with the house. It must be tough to wait until a good offer comes through but don’t give up. I know how tiring it must be to keep it really really tidy – even if you do that usually anyway. Keeping everything tidy for yourselves is one thing, but to do that for others is a different. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope you’re having a good day today. Loads of hugs xx

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    • Thank you very much Roberta, I appreciate your thoughts and kind words. Yes, keeping tidy for others is tiring and stressful. All will be good, I know eventually it will pay off. Have a great day! 🙂

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