The Film Noir Star ‘prendre deux’

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.


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The Film Noir Star ‘prendre deux’ –


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Is he a Mirage?  Or what about the secret agent?  The dark figure, the touch on her shoulder, his response; what is their story?  Is this a movie?  Could he be Zorro?  Or what about the hair stylist?  Maybe he is her father!  Or maybe, hopefully he is her long lost lover.

The next title is displayed and the beginning of the next scene appears with him walking away in the shadows of the damp dim light.  But what about her?  What was left with her that will be a reminder of him and his presence?  Will she continue to wander in sadness of this recent encounter and will their story continue?  But the reunion was short lived and his leaving was again quick and abrupt.  The sadness of their story will continue as he moves mysteriously in the future to another story and another time.

She on the other hand will move on to the next shot, the clap of the cut action is heard and her scene is waiting for the future reel.  But he is gone and the future is still unknown, but the past has been written and the present time reveals him, the mysterious one departing and her, yet to make her entrance out of the shadows.

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