Are we there yet?


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I feel like I am on a journey to ‘The Kingdom of Far, Far Away’.

In my post ‘The planning continues‘, I wrote the following –

There is still a house to sell and possessions to rid of and other activities that must be dealt with before the travel begins.  Gary and I are ready to begin, but other activities must first take place before hand.  The truck is bought and an RV has been picked out.  We are waiting to purchase the RV until the house is sold.

As we continue to plan, I will keep you posted on the progress.

In my post ‘show-ready‘, I wrote the following –

The additional activities that will take place once a solid offer is in place and the results of my next Dr. F. visit are on hold until the time comes.  In the meantime, we continue to clean windows, dust furniture, wipe countertops, pickup leaves from the yard and wait for that next call and the next showing.

In today’s post, I write the following –

We have made plans as to where we would like to travel to, the locations & stops and the amount of time for each location.  These plans will change as at this point in time we do not have a date when the travel adventure will start.  I am holding off on revealing the travel plans with you at this time because, they will change and I want to make sure we have concrete plans before revealing to you.  Upon receiving an offer on the house and depending on the results of my doctor visit; we then will finalize our plans.

Stay tuned my friends and be patient as I have enough frustration for all of us.

I am like a child (or donkey) sitting in the backseat and continually asking the question “Are we there yet?”

I respond to myself “The Kingdom of Far, Far Away, that’s where we are going – far, far away!”

The journey is partially planned, but yet to start.

And in the meantime Gary and I continue to have the house ‘show-ready’ and remain optimistic.

Are we there yet?

28 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

    • Thank you, Kelly! We are ready to move on to the adventure. Our planning is paused at the moment until we sell the house! I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment today. Have a happy day! 🙂


  1. You must be driving Gary crazy!!!! What is meant to be will happen…in good time. Would you like me to send you a clip of Teddy saying, “What part of Far, Far Away, don’t you understand Donkey!”? He does a fantastic impersonation of Shrek both vocally and with farts. We were meant for each other. 🙂

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