Learning the Hard Way

From my post ‘2nd Grade & 2nd Grade‘, I wrote the following –


Image Provided by: quotesgram.com

Per ‘The Free Dictionary’ website I am not retarded, per the ‘Dictionary.com’ website I am retarded.  I never considered myself retarded, only stupid.

I did receive some other interesting results from my Google search of the word ‘retarded’.  I found ‘Intellectual disability’ a below average intelligence and set of life skills present before age 18.  The information presented to me is the following:

About –

Intellectual function can be measured with an IQ test to detect below-average intelligence.

The main symptom is difficulty thinking and understanding. Life skills that can be impacted include certain conceptual, social, and practical skills.

Special education and behavioral therapy can help a person live to his or her fullest.

Symptoms –

The main symptom is difficulty thinking and understanding. Life skills that can be impacted include certain conceptual, social, and practical skills.

People may experience –

Behavioral: impulsivity or hyperactivity

Also common: difficulty thinking and understanding or restlessness

As a young child I thought maybe I was retarded or maybe my parents thought I was.  Growing up into my adult years I thought I was stupid, as a middle aged adult I thought I had ADD and OCD, but now I know I have an intellectual disability.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Obviously I diagnosed myself – I have never been diagnosed by a medical professional.

In my post ‘suicide – it sounds peaceful, it sounds calm’, I wrote the following –

Can I go get on some medication?  Yes, I could and that would probably help – but then I feel like I lose the fight.  I feel like that I am just existing and not becoming; becoming better; becoming stronger – but just existing and accepting.  To me that’s not, that’s not good enough.  I have to fight I have to struggle, I have to keep moving forward; I have to keep going with the flow and working on myself and becoming a better person.

In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

I have to learn the hard way – for me this is a good thing because I believe for me to grow and become a better person and to live a better life I need to struggle and learn the hard way.


Image Provided by: quotesgram.com

If I do not, I just become lazy and accepting of myself as I am and I just do not believe that is what I am here for.  I believe I need to struggle to learn – this is how I become a better person.

I will end this post with this definition from Wikipedia.org –

Learning the hard way refers to the educational results developed in the process of living life, the perspective gained as a result of trial and error—more often used in reference to the mistakes, mis-steps and misunderstandings which lead to better judgment.

24 thoughts on “Learning the Hard Way

  1. My father always told my mother, Kathy will just have to learn about life from the school of hard knocks!!! I was the most argumentative, stubborn, smart mouth kid around…LOL My mom always said, Don’t worry she will get hers when she starts having kids just like her, there’s always one just like them…LOL they were both right….I am still going to the school of hard knocks, learning from life…I still have a smart mouth…hummmm can’t believe that…LOL and I did have a son, just like myself…hard to raise and it still is at times….even though hes 29….but like me, he is love of a kid and would give up his right arm for the right person….LOL Thanks for sharing with us….I am glad you fought it without medication, as I believe they change who you are and sometimes the real you never return….growing up was not easy, that’s for sure…….kat

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    • Thank you kat for such an honest comment. Though I have many difficulties about me that I deal with, it is nice to know someone has some understanding. There are many that do not understand me and never will. I guess you and I will go through the school of hard knocks together – it is nice to have a classmate! 🙂


  2. Terry. I think you are too hard on yourself. But then I think you know that too. Keep remembering you ARE Good enough. You ARE Loved. Your life is worth living. And simply cherish the moments. Xo

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    • Thanks Jodi, I know I am hard on myself, and the writing of posts like this one are helping me become easier on myself. If I write it and read it, it helps me. Thanks for reading and commenting – always appreciate! 🙂

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  3. Good post Terry. Try not to be so hard on yourself. You are a great guy and you have a great deal of life left in you and lots to look forward to….
    I have noticed as I have gotten older that I struggle to take on information and wondered if I am hard of learning but I think now it is the simple fact that I have little interest in certain things and when that is the case, I have little or no desire to learn it.
    I would imagine this is much more likely in your case so STOP and enjoy the fact that you have no longer to learn anything you do not wish to, after all, it is what getting older is all about….!

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  4. You are tough on yourself, Terry. Don’t diagnose yourself off of Dictionary.com, lol! Honestly, it’s good you use areas of discomfort to push you through and work harder. But from knowing you for a bit through your writings, you are smart and talented. Remember that instead of the opposite. 🙂 xo

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    • Thanks Athena, I appreciate your nice compliment comment! Many people in my life have told me that I am tough or hard on myself. As I mentioned in a couple of other comment replies, I assume it is because I expect perfection from myself. And this in its self creates all kinds of stress and troubles. I am a work in progress. I do appreciate your comments and insight, truly I do. Have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂

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