I concluded my post ‘Are we there yet?’, with the following –



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I am like a child (or donkey) sitting in the backseat and continually asking the question “Are we there yet?”

I respond to myself “The Kingdom of Far, Far Away, that’s where we are going – far, far away!”

But in the meantime Gary and I continue to have the house ‘show-ready’ and remain optimistic.

Are we there yet?

I start my post today, with the following –

We are not there yet – I am still sitting in the backseat asking the same question.  The answer is still the same.

Last Saturday we did have a showing; and Gary and I had to rush to get the home ready.  Saturday morning, we had no clue we would have a showing.  We had already decided we would do our weekly cleaning; dusting, cleaning kitchen cabinet & countertops, and Gary vacuumed the downstairs.  I decided I would vacuum the upstairs on Sunday.  I had the pool looking sparkly clean and I picked up the backyard of a few fallen leaves and Gary did the same in the front yard.  These are activities taking place on a daily basis because you never know when we might receive that call.

It is about 11:45 AM and I decided I would lay out and soak in the sun.  Gary and I do this almost daily, as we love the sun.  About 15 minutes later, Gary comes outside and proceeds to lay out and also soak in the sun.  He asks me “Is your cellphone out here?”  I answer “Yes.”  He responds “You never know when we may get the call for a showing, it could be today.”  I respond “It could be.”  In less than 5 minutes my cellphone rings, and guess what?  We have a showing!  I asked the person on the other end twice what time the showing is scheduled for.  The call ends and Gary asks, “What time is the showing?”  I respond “IN 45 MINUTES!”

Okay, you want to talk about 2 guys looking like chickens with their heads cut off –let’s just say, we were hustling!

I hurriedly vacuum the upstairs while Gary starts going through our ‘showing checklist’.  The ‘showing checklist’ lists items we do not want to forget to do.


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These items include removing the dog’s water bowls, hiding cellphone cords, turning on lights, and removing other personal items from site.  In 40 minutes we are ready and we leave the house.

We live on a small cud-de-sac off a main street.  We park across the main street off another side street with view of the entrance to our cud-de-sac.  Since we know all our neighbor’s vehicles, we know when there is an unfamiliar vehicle that enters the street.

The showing came and stayed about 20 minutes and then left.

Did anything come out of the showing?

No offer, but the response from the realtor is the people did like the house and the neighborhood.

Will there be a call today?

48 thoughts on “IN 45 MINUTES!

  1. Hi Terry. I hope that your home only has a few showings before a buyer steps in with an offer. Going through dealing with real estate brokers, selling was very unsettling for me. I don’t like “spur-of-the-moment” phone calls from realtors and I never liked that they would seemingly call during dinner. I’m such a pain. But I’m keeping fingers crossed for you……

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    • Catherine, we usually receive a call for a showing for the next day or at least several hours in advance. Having only 45 minutes was hectic – but we did it! Thanks dear, I always appreciate your comments! 🙂


  2. It’s starting …. the turning. Keep thinking those positive thoughts and we will all do the same and the right person will cross your threshold in no time. All will be well. I told you – I have special powers 😉

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    • It was a little nerve-wracking at the time. We usually have more advanced notice than 45 minutes, but we usually have the home ready to show most times. Thanks for the comment, always appreciated! Have a happy day. 🙂

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