May 1971 – Maggie May by Rod Stewart

May 1971 – a song popular in this month – Maggie May by Rod Stewart

This song is about the woman who deflowered Stewart when he was 16.

Interesting facts about Maggie May & Rod Stewart

The name “Maggie May” does not occur in the song; Rod borrowed the title from a Liverpool folk song about a Lime Street prostitute.

Stewart liked the play on words the title created, sometimes introducing the song by saying, “This is ‘Maggie May’ – sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t.”

Stewart’s record company didn’t think this was a hit, so they released it as the B-side of “Reason To Believe.” Disc jockeys liked “Maggie” better, so they played it as the single instead.

Stewart’s success in the UK was expected, as he had a following there as a member of The Faces, but he was little known in America before “Maggie May” took off.

In October 1971 Stewart became the first artist in history to hold all four #1 positions in the British and American singles and albums charts.

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38 thoughts on “May 1971 – Maggie May by Rod Stewart

  1. This is one of my Mom’s favorites songs-She graduated High School in ’71-together with Let it Be by the Beatles. Daddy graduated in ’69. I have loved the Oldies (70’s,80’s,90’s) since childhood. Maggie May is a special song! Have a wonderful Sunday you two!!!

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  2. I know this might sound unbelievable, but it really happened: when I visited with my mom some family in England in the 1990s we went to Game of Polo near Windsor. As we were standing placidly watching the game from the side, my aunt elbowed me (un)gently in the ribs and hissed: “Rod Stewart is standing right behind us!!” My mom – always a big fan of him – turned around and couldn´t believe her luck!! But we kept it cool, only nodding and smiling 🙂 It was such a cool afternoon!

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  3. One of those songs that I instantly jump up and boogie too …. and sing along to in the car and generally just brings a smile out of no-where for me. I have seen Rod twice and he is a consumate entertainer – for me this was his real pinnacle though. Iconic in fact.

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  4. Well, this was a surprise! These 2 songs are *our* songs! My now hb’s nickname (being a McGowan) was Maggy, his first name is Stuart, he bought me Rod Stewart’s album for my 21st and we decided to get engaged during a very long (and drunken!) romantic dance to Reason to Believe at a friend’s birthday party!

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    • Yes, that hair! I try to find older videos of these songs – they are so much more original! We are wet – with more rain to come this week. Thanks kat, Happy Memorial Day to you as well. 🙂


  5. This was one of the songs my friends and I loved, bearing in mind this was when we were 16/ 17 years old in 1999/2000, showing this song has definitely stood the test of time and loved by all generations! We did a lot of raiding of our dads music collections and found some great music that became know as “our” songs!

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