Fingers Crossed

In my post ‘IN 45 MINUTES‘, I concluded with the following –

Image9The showing came and stayed about 20 minutes and then left.

Did anything come out of the showing?

No offer, but the response from the realtor is the people did like the house and the neighborhood.

Will there be a call today?Image8

In today’s post, I begin with the following –

I received quite a few comments on that post that I would like to share –


As you can see, I received some very optimistic and positive comments sending good luck my way.

Within a couple of hours of the last comment, guess what?  Yes, you are correct – we received another call!  It is Friday evening and the call comes in for a showing on Saturday from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  This gave us plenty of time to have the home ‘show-ready’.  Image7We were up bright and early with a few preparations to take care of and 11:15 AM we had the house ready to show.  There is a knock on the door and it is the realtor showing the house and indicates they are early, no problem; we grab our cell phones and Roxy (our dog) and get into the truck and leave.  The realtor and her clients are standing on the sidewalk and we wave as we drive by.  Nice younger couple with a young daughter; they wave back and smile.

Image5Gary and I drive around a bit and then park in our usually spot across the main street from our small cul-de-sac.  20 minutes pass, that is a good sign – 30 minutes pass, they must like the house; 40 minutes, then 50 minutes, then 1 hour passes.  Image6The cars then leave the cul-de-sac and we proceed back to our house.  1 hour; they must really like the house.

The anticipation grows as Gary and I talk about the possible outcome of this most recent showing.  We are hopeful they liked the home and an offer will soon follow.  Later in the evening we receive feedback from the showing agent –

‘My clients are considering their options in Lake Highlands and Richardson over the Memorial Day weekend. They are interested in this lovely home.’

Yes, this is very good feedback!  Now the waiting begins.  What will their decision be?  When will Image4the decision be made?  Will we receive an offer?

We will have to wait a few days.

I wrote this post on Sunday morning and am publishing today.  It has been a few days now Image3since that very good feedback.

The waiting continues.


Fingers Crossed.

47 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed

  1. No pink hippo thoughts (the vague might be’s ) … this is an IS, a WILL an INEVITABLE … you boys are sold and I am cheering from the sidelines and sending so much love to you both – I do get over-excited so forgive me but I absolutely AM convinced that this is ITTTTTT!!!! X

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  2. LOL Terry-I know the feeling on all parties end. The Broker-The Buyer-The Seller. They will outweigh each property against each other-pros and cons. A smart Broker will have up-dated comps available, any new listings, recent sales data. A cautious buyer on today’s market is not unusual. Be Patient please…Let the broker do his/her job! If and when an offer comes you will have all the terms and conditions in front of you both. Verbal is unenforceable. Many Buyers have to be very sure of this large investment. Okay my friend. Cheryl xx

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      • LOL one thing too Terry is your home as you describe is one of the nicest in the neighborhood-may be not over-improved but sometimes appreciation factors on Real Estate come into play. Especially if a Buyer is smart and has owned before. Now I am speaking as a Licensed RE Appraiser as well as a Broker. A good Broker can not per law steer a buyer, red line a buyer, influence a buyer, block bust, we are governed by many laws! We can give any and all information they ask for but the ultimate decision is with any Buyer. Being one hour long in your home is not necessarily the greatest thing either-too much to pick apart. A rule of thumb is 30-minutes to really check out the property. Most Brokers do not negotiate on premises unless un-occupied., that is rare too. There can be many scenario’s and believe me as a Company Owner I have seen them all and then some. Food for thought. As I would always tell my people you will not always like what I have to say but I will be totally forthright with you! Cheryl xx

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