Dr. F. Follow-up

In my post ‘The next appointment with Dr. F.‘, I concluded with the following –

My 3 months are up, and two weeks from today I will visit my urologist and have a cystoscopy performed and lab tests on my urine.  Will the cancer be back?

Since my surgery, my bladder habits have increased in that I am urinating, peeing or going to the restroom on a very frequent bases.  I will be honest with you, I have always drunk a great amount of water and still do.  But now my bladder cannot hold it as long.  So, now I ‘go’ quite often.  This is especially annoying at night, because I no longer receive restful sleep – I am ‘going’ literally every hour of the night.

In the past month I have experienced increased burning during urination and in my bladder.  Yesterday I passed a blood clot.  Does this indicate the cancer has returned?

I guess in two weeks I will have the answer to this question.

From my post ‘how I feel and if I can pee‘, I wrote the following –

Dr. F. also found a small matter that is partially blocking my ureter that connects to my right kidney.  I have for months experienced some lower right discomfort on my back and it is most likely due to my kidney not properly draining my urine to my bladder.

Dr. F. believes this small matter is most likely some scar tissue from the tumor because it’s location was near the ureter opening.  In a couple of weeks I will visit a radiologist to determine what will need to take place to correct this issue.

In today’s post I write the following –

The lower right discomfort has increased along with the burning bladder and burning frequent urination.

My visit with my urologist Dr. F. was yesterday!  This meant I had an invasive medical instrument inserted into my body!  I did not look forward to it as it involves some discomfort; usually the procedure is quick, but not this time due to a blockage.  Let’s just say other means to get pass the blockage and insert the scope were used.  The procedure was not so quick this time.  Dr. F. indicated some cancer had returned and also I have quite a bit of scare tissue from my last surgery in February.

I will be having another IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram) hopefully next week to see if the scare tissue and cancer is blocking more of my ureter opening.  If so, a stint will be inserted and then in the next couple of weeks another surgery to remove the scar tissue and cancer will take place.

I am not looking forward to another surgery – this upsets me. Bladder cancer recurs often and eventually the bladder may need to be removed.

I remain optimistic but also realistic.


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68 thoughts on “Dr. F. Follow-up

  1. Oh my friend, I’m so sorry to hear this. Those invasive procedures are so taxing and stressful. I can totally relate to that feeling of discomfort and then what are they going to find, and then the results. Hang in there. You are tough, optimistic, and realistic (because life has a way of bringing us back to realism) You have many adventures ahead of you with Gary and Roxy. Sending you huge hugs all weekend long! Alexis

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  2. I am sorry that some cancer has returned! My thoughts are with you! You are a tough person who has come through so many things in life Terry! You have a great attitude and a wonderful outlook on life! Best thoughts and big hugs xxx

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    • Thank you Lynn for the big hugs – I need them today. I am in my angry phase today – but know that emotion will pass. I know all will be okay and this is just another obstacle I soon will pass. I always appreciate your support and comments. Happy Friday! 🙂


  3. I’m so sorry Terry! I was really hoping you just had something minor like a UTI! Never thought it would be a recurrence. Prayers for you!! I know it’s hard to keep smiling through all the crap life deals, but hopefully this new finding won’t dampen your spirit and love for life!

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    • Thank you Paula for your kind comment. This is just a minor setback for now, once I get pass this, all will be good again. I appreciate you reading and commenting. Have a great day my friend! 🙂

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    • Thank you Lynne, your comments are always sunshine in my world! I know all will be good eventually, honestly it does make me angry. But soon that emotion will pass. Have a great weekend – and thanks for the huge hugs! 🙂

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    • Thank you Sadie, I do worry some, but today just more angry. I will get over the anger soon and know it will all be good again soon. Thanks for stopping by – I am glad you decided to stick with the blogging. I enjoy your posts. Happy Friday! 🙂

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  4. We’ve really just met here, Terry, but I can tell you have a lot of adventures in the works. Don’t let this discourage you. You are taking care of this, and the Dr’s. have your back. I lost someone very dear to me who lived in symptom denial for years. You’ve got this. Get as angry as you need, then move forward with optimism. Thinking of you. 💘 Van

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    • Thanks Van for your kind comment and support. Yes, there is some anger, just because I do not want to have to go through this again. I accept what comes my way, this is just not a good time! It will pass and I will move forward to my adventures that are waiting for me. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment – have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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  5. Terry, I am sorry you didn’t receive better news. I don’t make a habit of leaving links to my posts on other people’s blogs unless invited to, but the other day I was a bit down and emotional and I posted a recipe for a Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie which I described as like having a hug on the inside and the music video I included was Percy Sledge. I thought of you and your Rod Stewart video at the same time and wondered if you needed this too? http://wp.me/p6UDky-1Me

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    • Aww, thank you, I just popped over there and read and listened! I do a smoothie every morning, but it is not as healthy as yours – but I do use lots of fruits! Thanks for the nice comment, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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  6. Oh Terry – so sorry to hear you didn’t get better news, but try not to get too discouraged. I am sure it is easier said than done, but please, my friend, take it a moment at a time, and cherish the good stuff. You are taking good care of yourself and going to the doctor and doing everything you need to. Oh Terry – if ever I wanted to give you a big tight hug, it is right now. Some day I am going to give you one in person, and we are going to celebrate that you licked this cancer crap! Love and hugs from Mars! ❤

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    • Jodi, you are a very inspirational person! I am grateful for you, because I do really take to heart the words you write. Someday, I do not know when, but someday I am taking you up on that big tight hug! Have a great day my very special friend! 🙂

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      • Oh Terry – I really have grown to care about you very much! What really put me over the edge was the video you posted opening the watercolor package from me. You stole my heart with that one. I keep telling my hubby and son you are coming to visit some day. Waiting with open arms. Take care of you buddy! Love from mars. xo

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  7. Being angry is a good thing…..its a bummer that you are having to go through this again but I am 100% positive that you will come though this just fine and hopefully in a better place, being able to sleep through the night….its a pain in the arse to have to deal with…but your a strong man, have a wonderful support system…you have all of us too!!!! you got this…deep breathes and it will all be over before you know it…you are in my thoughts my friend….xxxxxkat

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  8. Ugh. I am so sorry that more procedures are in your future, Terry, but I am grateful that you and your team are on top of things. I really appreciate your last line about being optimistic, but realistic. This may not be how you envisioned your life right now, but it’s the new “normal.” Somehow, I believe, we all start to appreciate what really matters when we are challenged by what life throws at us. Take care of yourself and keep planning that epic road trip. Hugs!!!

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  9. Oh Terry, this is a lot to deal with! Especially with all the stress you already have with selling your house. I am truly sorry!!! You have such a great attitude that is inspirational! And if you struggle sometimes, that is okay too!!!

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    • Thank you for the kind comment – I certainly struggle many times – but I keep trying. It will all be okay soon, I am just not ready to go through this again so soon. But I tell myself, things happen for a reason. Hope your weekend is going well for you. 🙂

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  10. Terry, I am so sorry I’m late on parade. I would rather have been there with words of encouragement on Friday. Honestly, my dear friend, this is so scary for you and so not what you wanted to hear (though I believe you had prepared yourself for bad news – it’s your spirit to be prepared) but it will be good. I know this. And I do know a little about bladder cancer. Not a lottle but enough to know that this is normal. Not nice. But normal. And you will be fixed and you will be onwards and upwards and I will be hugging your somewhere on this continent and sharing smiles and laughter. Because I say so. And in the meantime, I send you love. I send love to Gary too because being the support isn’t a picnic. And of course The Bean sends love to Miss Roxy. Bon courage, my friend. All will be well x

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    • Oh dear Osyth, I knew you would be back and leave me a very supportive and nice comment – that is what friends do. Don’t feel bad because you are reading this today, I know you have a life. I know everything with me will be good soon, because I know other things as well – stay tuned for tomorrows post. And yes, somewhere on this continent we will be meeting and I look forward to the smiles and the laughter! Thanks for your comment and all your comments – they mean a great deal to me. Happy Day my friend! :

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  11. So sorry to hear. I have just come across your site over the last day or so and have really enjoyed your posts I have read. I am so glad I came to your site. We don’t know each other yet, but my thoughts and prayers are heading your way.

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  12. I found the post and although you knew there was a high likelihood of recurrence it must still be hard to cope with. Perhaps this more invasive surgery will get all of the cancer cells? I will hope for the very best and pray, too. K x

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