The Good Drunk – another round for all

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The Good Drunk – another round for all –

Bar Scene1

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Is she a drunk?  That eye, that smile, they do tell the story of who she really is.  Could she be a mama, looking for her son?  Or maybe she is sober and searching for something or someone.

The bar continues with the usual; the drinking, the laughing, the music playing, but what happened and where is she, and what about the patron next to her?

The next scene is one of her and the eye and the smile.  She sits and laughs about the incident as she recalls the patron next to her would again shock her.  The future that was once in the past is now the present.  The shock from her accident and to her eye were minimal compared to the shock of the mysterious one’s return.  Was he back in her life again after so many years?  Her sadness of years ago seemed to be dissipated and overcome by joy.  The joy of the memory of him in her life is overwhelming and the shock suddenly fades away.  The patron that day, the elbow was his, the man of many years ago that left in the shadows of the damp dim light

The mysterious woman, the mysterious man – they were both back into the scene together once again.  The lights fade and the credits are listed as the musical score reaches its peak, the crowd is happy once again.

23 thoughts on “The Good Drunk – another round for all

  1. HUmmmm so no horse and cape…lol….my mind immediately went to a falling accident….love her smile…can’t wait for next week… the way did you ever reveal who the man I thought was zorro was???? did I miss that one???? inquiring minds need to know….LOL kat

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