Choosing Happiness

In my post ‘Get Over It‘, I began with the following –

I really want to be happy!

In today’s post, I begin with the following –

I am happy, I am becoming happier, I am choosing happiness!

From my previous mentioned post, a fellow blogger Lynne from LYNNE’S RECIPE TRAILS responded with the following comment –

Oh Terry, this is such a deep and complex subject, and very real. For me, I am a firm believer of Choice. The way we choose to conduct our life, each and every day, is all about the choice we make. Each moment of our life is a choice, which too can bring happiness or unhappiness to ourselves, the people around us and our loved ones. But, in saying that, we all are human, we all are going to ‘have those days’. The good thing is, to recognize those ‘off’ days or moments and as you say ‘get over it’. Wishing you a happy weekend.

I appreciate all the comments and Lynne’s comment is no exception.  Her comment resonated with me and I literally took it to heart – I am choosing happiness!  Throughout my day when I am feeling stress, I think about Lynne’s words – I choose happiness!  When I am in a bad mood, I think about I can choose happiness.  I am trying to use this to help myself to be a better person each and every day.

Lynne also wrote the following comment on my post ‘Struggling is part of the process’ –

I hear what you are saying…and it is difficult. For me sometimes, it feels as though I am not fully happy, and I wonder why, as I should be… almost as though I am not fully fulfilled, or something, but then I tell myself, this is life, and it is up to me to make the most of it, so I keep on trying, I think the key is to keep on trying.

Again I appreciate Lynne’s comments.  As you have come to know more about me, I have come to know more about you.  There are many of us in this world who relate to each other’s lives because of similar feelings, thinking, events and experiences.  There are many of you I have come to know and appreciate your understanding, your support, your comments and especially your friendship.

Lynne, you didn’t realize until now, what an impact you have on me and my life.  Your comments make a difference and for this I am grateful and want to extend my warmest thank you.

49 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness

  1. Great video – I too use Ellen recordings when I need a smile. But today, I’m already smiling cos England just won their group qualifier in the European Cup, I am beating my hb and son in our Fantasy Cycling League and I just ate a juicy peach! 😄💕

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  2. Terry, I am tearful and speechless, but in a happy way and I just want to hug you 🙂 I am so honoured to be a part of your post today. I am so honoured to know the extreme impact my comments have made to you and your life. Thank you! Thank you, for being you and just know how special you are to me. 🙂

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  3. I am so glad for you that you feel well enough to choose happiness, even though it is not a perfect day. The wonderful thing about blogging is all the lovely friends that you make who touch you at your core. ******** K x

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  4. Hi Terry…hope you are doing fine and it’s great to know that you are choosing happiness. 🙂 Your friend Lynne’s comments are really profound..I think I should visit the blog… 🙂

    Sorry that I was unable to visit your blog regularly, was busy with some official works… 🙂

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  5. Terry, this is beautiful and wonderful. I’m so glad that Lynne’s words made a difference. Happiness is attitude, and gratitude is happiness. Full circle! Well, as a follower and fan of your blog, I think you are pretty terrific. I want to tell you that and spread happiness. If we all did that, then both gratitude and happiness would… you can finish the sentence. -Jennie-

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  6. What a beautiful post. If success were counted (as it should be) in decency and thoughtfulness and thankfulness and appreciation you would be running for President. Not a bad idea that!

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  7. Happiness is many things Terry but it has to come from within first. I am still unhappy now even a year on from my surgery and have no reason to be yet we all have that thing inside us that says “if I just had this, or I was just in that relationship” etc etc. We must learn to be happy and it is a constant battle of our psyche against what we really know is happening in our lives at that time. I should honestly have it all now but I battle with myself on a daily basis becaiuse of that one thing that I think will make me complete and whole yet I know I will never get that one thig until I am complete and whole on my own terms.
    You will get there Terry. For some it is easier than others. For me it is making a shift of 4o odd years to a new person and old habits really do die hard.
    Be well and be happy.

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  8. If you feel like I’m stalking your blog today, apologies. I don’t get onto true very often these days and I’m enjoying playing catch up. Love this post for many reasons! Great message, thank you for sharing.
    Also, couldn’t help noticing while laughing during Ellen’s video what a great marketer she is. Showing half naked men with kittens. She knows her audience, doesn’t she? lol

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    • Thank you Amanda for catching up on my blog! I have much going on these days and many different areas about my life to blog about. I did enjoy Ellen’s video, she is one smart person for sure. Happy day my friend! 🙂

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