Life is busy

In my post ‘Inspection, Procedure & Follow-up‘, I wrote the following –


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I had another appointment with my urologist this past Wednesday.  Dr. F. viewed the results of the IVP procedure and it was determined there is no blockage in my ureter from my right kidney.  There will be no stint inserted into my ureter prior to my next surgery.  Dr. F. indicated the cancer and scar tissue are very close to the ureter opening.  Upon my next surgery Dr. F. will insert a temporary stint in my ureter, then remove the cancer and scar tissue, then remove the stint.

In today’s post, I write the following –

The date for my next surgery has not been determined.  I should find this out on Monday, once Dr. F. returns from vacation next week.  My hopes are the surgery will be the last week of this month or the first week of July.  After my last surgery, it took about a week for me to really feel better, I am hoping for the same this time around also.

On the home front, with the inspection completed came a few items the future owners wanted fixed.  These items were resolved and the future owners accepted our counter response.  The house appraisal is scheduled for Wednesday of next week.  Then it may take a couple of weeks to receive a response back and hopefully all will be good with the results.

Gary and I also are continuing the downsizing of possessions.  You might remember between last year and several months ago we had a total of 4 major garage sales totaling 12 days in which we sold many items.  untitledWe also use smartphone apps ‘letgo’, ‘OfferUp’ & ‘5miles’; these have proved to be successful in selling some items.  We also have a very good multi-neighborhood website where classifieds are listed and seen by thousands of people.  Once again this is another site that has proved to be successful in selling items.

There are certain items of value that we will keep and store.  Our plan is to store these items in a pod from PODS.  They will drop off a pod in our driveway and Gary and I will load it, then the pod will be picked up and stored for us until we are ready for it.  No matter where we decide to live in the future, PODS will move and deliver the pod to our location.  This form of storage and moving is much less expensive than using a traditional moving company.

The home sale continues in a positive direction.  The downsizing continues to take place and the surgery and recovery will be here soon.

As August 2nd quickly approaches, there continues to be many more activities to take place.  Some packing will soon start and there is the continued taking care of the yard, pool and home that never ends.

Life is busy now, but soon the adventure starts and the fun begins.

15 thoughts on “Life is busy

  1. Wow! you have everything so organised, you know what is for what and when…what could be better. You have a plan of action and that is so great. Time will fly by and before you know it, you, Gary and Roxy will start your new venture. I could not be happier for you. Yes, there are one or two things that need to be taken care of, and they will, and with your positiveness all will go well. Have an awesome day and a great weekend 🙂

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  2. Busy is good. It’ll keep not only your body but your mind occupied as well and hopeful reduce any negative thoughts that may creep in. I’m so glad to hear that your operation will hopefully be soon and I’m hoping this will ease your pain. Your are heading in the right direction and your exciting new adventure is getting so close! Wow 4 garage sales!!!… must have had alot of stuff, I’ll have to say to my hubbie next time he complains about all the stuff I have collected over the years! Great news also on the home sale. Sounds like life is busy but also life is good at the moment for you. Much love and take care xxx

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    • Yes, we had a lot of stuff, OMG – it was amazing! And we are still in the process of reducing it now – slowly – but surely! Many things are taking place right now, so much going on! Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated! 🙂

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