You know who you are

In my post ‘It’s about you – not me‘, I concluded with the following –

A couple of months ago, I received some comments from readers that bothered me some; they affected me, I was a little offended and I responded nicely and appropriately.  These feelings I have come from my insecurities; I want to be honest with myself and those that read my words.  I try not to write uncomfortable words that offend or degrade or abuse others – that is not my purpose.

So after sometime thinking about those comments those words I read, I decided they were opinions and suggestions of others and not really about me.

Those comments, those words – It’s all about you – not me.

My words are my own and those are about me.

In today’s post I write the following –

So your comment ended up in my ‘Pending’ folder.  You know who you are.

I am a nice guy most of the time; yes, I can be mean and I have written posts about this.  I am complex and complicated and on this world trying to be a better person and live a better life.  Many of you have followed me for quite some time and others are just getting to know me.  I feel most of you know me well.

If you leave a comment on a post and it is displayed immediately, it is not you.

If you leave a comment for the first time and it needs to be approved, it is not you.

If you have left a previous comment and now your comment needs to be approved, it is you.

For that one person, who has commented before and now your comment goes to my ‘Pending’ folder, look at the top of this page.  What does it display?  It displays ‘it’s my life’.  That indicates I am writing about my life, not yours, nobody else’s, but mine.  I appreciate comments, but not yours.  First of all, you do not read all my posts, or maybe you do and do not click the ‘Like’ button.  I feel you do not know me, so therefore the comments I receive from you are about you and not me.  You know the comments you write are about you, because you end your comments with ‘Butting out again.’


butt in

Interfere, interrupt, intrude. For example, Mom is always butting in on our conversations, or It’s against the law for employers to butt in on personal matters. This term alludes to the thrusting of an animal with its horns. [Slang; 1890s]

Your ‘Butting out again’ comments that are few are no longer allowed on my blog.  I certainly do not go on your blog or anyone else’s and tell them how they should live their life.  If you are ‘Butting out again’, that means you were butting in; meaning you are interfering, interrupting or intruding.

Please do not interfere, interrupt or intrude any longer – please unfollow me – please butt out!

Me (2)

55 thoughts on “You know who you are

    • Thank you Paula, and yes I agree. Seems there is always a few bad apples everywhere you go. My Monday is going well, lots going on today – more on that later. A marvelous Monday to you as well. 🙂

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  1. The Bean says she will butt this person in the butt if they try anything on her friend again. And I will join her. So there. You should not have had to write this and I am very sad that you were driven to it. Please take it from me and all the other lovely people who benefit so much from your writing that you do not need this and that the only solution is to block the culprit.

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    • Thanks Sarah! I thought about not responding at all – taking the high road. But this person has responded on several posts with basically the same message, and I felt a need to respond. They do not visit often, so they may not even see this post. Thanks for your support, I truly appreciate it. 🙂


  2. I do not understand this at all! If I come across something that I do not like on a blog or elsewhere I just think hmm ok that is different! I don’t really care either way! We are all different and unique and that is what makes life interesting! If I do not like what someone posts I just don’t even go there. I don’t make a point of reading and commenting. Life is about being yourself and especially on a blog that is truly your own. Early on a few people argued with me about my life, not leaving, moving to Saudi, staying! It was a time for me of being vulnerable and that made it much worst. I thought about never posting about my life again!!! I started moderating my comments and felt nervous each time I saw a comment! I felt my little special place had been invaded!!! I am glad you wrote this post and that you are owning your blog Terry! You are special and you! I love reading and seeing how your blog has changed and grown. Keep on going my dear friend!!!!! xxx

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    • Thank you Lynn for totally understanding. I feel the same way about the invading of my space and also still feel a little vulnerable about exposing myself to others. So for someone to tell me that I should live my life doing something different just because they do – it bothers me. I will keep writing and posting – always look forward to seeing you each and every day my friend! 🙂

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  3. Oh, Terry. This is such horseshit! (Sorry….I lost my Southern gentility for a minute.)
    I think these people are called “trolls.” I’ve had two of them. One of them was just nasty in her comments and the other was scary hateful. I unfollowed both of them. One of them still follows me but I have blocked him from making any comments and they don’t even go to my spam.
    What a dull world it would be if we all thought alike….had the same opinions….the same lifestyle….the same likes and dislikes….
    Not everybody is going to agree with everything you write. I know I have sometimes left people probably wanting to say “Loooosey… have some splanning to do!”
    The people who insist on being ugly with their comments are themselves…ugly.
    There are so many others out there who are so lovely and supportive and graceful. I have asked for advice before and not all of the responses are what I necessarily wanted to hear but I value them. It’s a different perspective. It comes from caring.
    If it comes from snottiness…..go pester somebody else.

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    • Laurel, I agree with you, the ugly comments are from ugly people. I know the majority of bloggers are not like this, and I am very honored to have many of them that follow my blog and I consider friends. I have this blogger’s comments now going to be approved and I just delete them. Thanks for your support and I always appreciate your comments! Happy Monday! 🙂


    • Bernadette, I was unable to find a way to block them, but I am able to make just their comments go to pending in order to be approved. This way their comments will never be displayed on my posts. Thanks for stopping by today, hope your Monday is wonderful! 🙂


  4. Right you are, Terry – just kick his a..!!! (please pardon my french – again 😉 ) I once encountered such a mean and stupid being also on wordpress, this was right in the beginning when I also did this blog in a german version – I wasn´t very experienced with what´s going on here and decided to cancel that blog. Luckily he (well, it also could be a she but somehow I doubt it) didn´t follow me over here! And you´re doing so right to do this post!! Bravo!!!

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    • Thank you Alexis for your support. I don’t like having to come across as sounding mean, but I really just do not like the comments and therefore felt a need to let them know in a direct way without being too rude. We will see if that person even reads this post and gets the message. Thanks for your comment, I always appreciate them very much. Happy day my friend! 🙂

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  5. Hey Terry, hope all is well. A little upset to find you writing a post such as this in this day and age, people should really have better things to do rather than force their own unwelcome opinions on others. It just makes me cringe and reiterate the one main thing I try to live my life by and that is “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”
    By the way, let me know who they are and I will sure be happy to do the same to them as they have done to you….
    P.S Why not contact WP admin and see if they can help?

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    • Thank you Jean, I hope to just end these comments. This particular reader’s comments now go to ‘Pending’ so they are never displayed on any of my posts. I did this because, I do not want anyone else to read them. Thanks for the nice comment, yours are always welcomed! Happy day my friend! 🙂

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  6. So sorry Terry! There are two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better. And some people, as yourself, are kind. And others are mean as hell. Don’t let those steal your joy! 😊

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    • Thank you Lori, yes I know all of you are very supportive and I truly am fortunate to have many of you reading. It just takes one bad apple to spoil it – but the good outweighs the bad! Happy day my friend! 🙂

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  7. Hey count me in…kickin butt is a great release….however just to let you know, I can kick ass, but I will help them up after…LOL I am so sorry that some one on WordPress would be so rude…and yes it is on them, nothing to do with you….xxxkat

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  8. Why does there always have to be some person, so spoil the vibe. This is your blog! It is YOUR life, and no ones else’s. I am glad you have done this post, lets hope ‘that person’ does get to read this and that, ‘that person’ gets the message and butts out !!! Have a happy day my friend. x

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  9. Sorry to read this. There is always that person who is nasty and rude and set out to be negative no matter what. These trolls just remind me of school bullies who, to make themselves feel good about themselves, have to pick on other people. They will find fault and argue with anything. Whilst debate and people having different opinions can be good there is an appropriate way to go about this and bullying is not it. How dare others butt in and dictate how you should live your life. Your response shows that you are not going to lower yourself to their level and you are also not going to let them walk all over you. Hopefully they will read it and ‘butt out’. Take care x x

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    • Thanks for your support and understanding – I am glad there are more nice bloggers out there and less bullies! Always appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Happy day to you my friend! 🙂


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