July 1971 – You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor

July 1971 – a song popular in this month – You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor

Written and recorded by Carole King in 1971, this song became the biggest, and most well-known hit for then 23-year-old James Taylor, and his only #1 in America. It was the first single off of his third album.

Interesting facts about You’ve Got a Friend & James Taylor

According to Taylor, Carole King told him that this song was a response to his 1970 hit “Fire and Rain,” where Taylor sings, “I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend.” King’s musical response: “you’ve got a friend right here.”

Taylor’s version of this song won the 1971 Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The song also won for Song of the Year, an award that goes to it’s writer, Carole King.

James Vernon Taylor was born in Boston, Massachusetts. His family moved to Chappel Hill, North Carolina in 1951. James’ older brother, Alex Taylor has a son named James Richmond Taylor. Alex sadly lost his life on March 12, 1993, James’ 45th birthday.

Garth Brooks is a big fan, and named his first child Taylor in honor of James.

Taylor has done very well with cover songs, recording popular versions of Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” Marvin Gaye’s “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You,” Jimmy Jones’ “Handy Man,” The Drifters “Up On The Roof” and Buddy Holly’s “Everyday.”

This information was provided by Songfacts.com

31 thoughts on “July 1971 – You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor

  1. Both Fire and Rain and You’ve Got a Friend, take me right back, to those teenage years. And because I’m a girl of a certain age, Carol King’s album Tapestry was our freedom album. We knew every song and played the album Constantly. Ahhhh….thank you for the good memories on this fabulous Sunday afternoon. 🙂 Alexis

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    • Thank you Alexis, yes I certainly liked the Tapestry album also. Glad you enjoyed the post and have some good memories of these songs. Thank you for stopping by today and a fabulous Sunday afternoon to you as well. 🙂

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  2. “Fire and Rain” was written in response to his friend’s dying in a small plane crash. I really love the melancholy feel of that song. Have you seen” Beautiful”? The musical about Carol Kings\’s early years? It is very well done and filled with great music. of course.

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