I know this time! (Reader Discretion Advised)

Look at this picture –


This picture was taken after my last surgery back in February upon returning to my room from recovery.  I look happy even though I have a huge catheter inserted into my bladder via my male part!  Little did I know, two days later the catheter would be removed by Dr. F. without compassion and with such power and force that I thought I had died.  Yes, this is what I get to look forward to again.

Today is surgery day and when this post is published via a schedule I will be in surgery.  If all goes as it did with my past surgery, it should take a couple of hours and after a brief stay in the hospital for several more hours, I should be able to go home sometime this afternoon.  I will then enjoy having a catheter for a couple of days at which time I know what to expect – I know this time.

I know this time what to expect regarding the surgery.

I know this time what to expect after surgery and during my recovery at home.

I know this time what to expect when Dr. F. will pull the catheter out.

I know this time what to expect the following few days after the catheter is extracted.

It does not make it any easier this time even though I know this time what to expect.  I do not look forward to the pain and discomfort that I will experience.  I know, I know; I am not the only one to endure this and yes there are many people going through much worse than me.  Can I be honest?  What man enjoys having large medical instruments shoved in his penis?  I mean really, I do not look forward to it.  Okay, sorry for being so personal, but it is the truth.

Now, I know in about a week, the pain will be much less and the body will be getting back to some normalcy.  I am unsure what that normalcy will be; because with the past surgery, my normalcy changed and will most likely change again after this surgery.

But wait, I forgot, there is the stent and the eventual removal of it.  How do they possibly remove the stent without surgery?  Oh I know, I already researched it, you got it!

Another medical instrument shoved in the penis!

I know this time!

51 thoughts on “I know this time! (Reader Discretion Advised)

    • Thank you Sarah, day after and surgery went well yesterday, but recovery is not as good this time then the first time around. All will be better in a couple of days! I appreciate your thoughts – they mean a great deal to me. 🙂


  1. Ouch ! Ouch ! Ouch ! Maybe it is worse now that you know exactly what will be happening. Don’t be sorry…seriously, who would want large medical instruments shoved into and out of them !!! I feel for you….I hope all will be well with the surgery and everything will go well. Thinking of you 🙂 hugs x

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  2. Thinking of you , wishing for a successful surgery and a lot less Ouchs! than the last time 🙂
    Sometimes when we know what’s coming and what to expect it somehow ouches a tiny bit less 😉
    Looking forward to your updates whenever you feel like it 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  3. Ouch!!! So sorry the recovery hasn’t been as smooth. But as always, it’s clear you’re looking through the next few days and keeping your eyes focused on happier, healthier, pain free, and medical device free days. (Any chance for some meds when they remove the catheter? When I went into labor, they gave me something “to take the edge off.” Nothing strong- I was fully functional, but it did help muffle the pain of the contractions.)

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    • I don’t think my doctor would give me meds before removing – I think he enjoys it to much! LOL, seriously I will be fine, it is brief and quick! Thanks Jean for your caring concern – you are very nice me – I appreciate you! 🙂

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    • Thank you Brooke, the cathedral is supposed to be removed tomorrow along with the stent. But then there are a few more days of discomfort. All will be better soon. Thanks for reading, I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

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  4. Thinking of you and hope the surgery went well. Sometimes not knowing the pain or discomfort that awaits us is better than knowing you have to go through a procedure where you basically lose your dignity as well as being sore as this can make us more anxious. But you are strong, you got through it last time you can get through it again. Once its out you’ll be one step closer to your recovery and your new adventure and a step closer to being back having a boogie! Lots of hugs to make you feel better xx

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    • Thank you for your upbeat comment – the surgery went well and the recovery has been a little tough this time, but I am doing good overall. I appreciate your support and encouragement! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • Thanks Gary, I knew you would understand this! It was worse the first time, will see the second time around. Thanks buddy, appreciate you reading and commenting! Have a safe holiday weekend! 🙂

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