Exciting times ahead

Hello everyone, it if Friday, 2 days after my surgery.  I am doing as well as expected and looking forward to getting through the next several days of recovery.  After my last surgery, once the catheter was removed, I experienced some difficult nights.  I actually wrote a post about those nights but never did publish it.  That post was very personal and I was not sure if you the readers wanted to read it.  It may be too much – TMI!  Will see if I experience the same this time around and if I publish that post or not.

Let’s get caught up on the other important events taking place.  The house appraisal was completed a little over a week ago and the results were all good.


Image Provided by: nycrpd.org

The home sale continues to proceed without issues and we are still on the calendar to close on August 2nd.  Gary and I continue to downsize possessions while we also have administrative duties taking place such as updating address on all our accounts.  In 2 weeks a PODS container will be delivered and parked in our driveway.  The PODS container will be packed with items and possessions we are keeping for our future home.  Once the PODS container is filled, it will be picked up and stored locally here in the Dallas area until we are ready for it.

Last Friday, we officially bought our RV for our future travel adventure.  Our plan is to take possession of the RV Friday of next week at which time we will move it from the current site which is where we bought it to a RV park owned by the RV Dealership.


Image Provided by: nycrpd.org

We plan to stay in the RV for a night to become accustomed to our new living arrangement.  We also would like to take a couple of short nearby trips in the month of July to become comfortable with towing, setup and breakdown of the RV.  While we wait for August 2 and while not using the RV, it will be parked at a storage site owned by the RV Dealership.

The big day is 32 days away.  These next 32 days will pass quickly and we have many more things to accomplish.  Downsizing continues to take place.  Learning to drive with and live in an RV is taking place.


Image Provided by: nycrpd.org

Planning our future travel adventure continues to take place.  And a course we continue to maintain a home while we are still here.

But first, several more days to recover and several more days to experience some discomfort.  Even though today, I am uncomfortable I know it will be gone soon.  I look forward to the next 32 days because this is the time the real transition takes place.  All the planning, all the activities and all the results of our efforts will be coming to a conclusion soon.

Exciting times ahead – this I look forward to.

64 thoughts on “Exciting times ahead

  1. Soon the discomfort will be over, your spirits seem high, and that can only help with the recovery process. I am so glad everything is taking shape, and soon it will be the start of a new adventure. Relax and rest as best you can. Thinking of you 🙂

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    • We actually bought a lite-weight 5th wheel. Originally were going with a travel trailer and changed our mind. We have the truck to pull it and already have the hitch installed. You have some experienced with pulling trailers?

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  2. Terry, this was a delightful post! I am excited for you! You are amazing, your attitude is remarkable! I am happy that you have so much to look forward to. It is good for your body and your emotions! Heal body, heal!!! Take care Terry! And I hope each day just keeps getting better and better!

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  3. Downsizing is always a big challenge!! But that POD looks perfect for 😉 It´s wonderful for you to have this adventure to look forward to, there´s nothing better than that to overcome the the discomforts of the now. Can´t wait to read about your first travels in tht RV!!! Have a lovely weekend, Terry!

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  4. Hi Terry, My bad! Admittedly during the last few months, I have been enjoying your wonderful posts of old time musical memories and the such. In my haste, I failed to properly read and MOST IMPORTANTLY appreciate everything that has been going on in your life! OMG. I just spend approx. the last hour reading ALL of your posts regarding your cancer, the surgeries, the move and the preparations AND watching your amazing youtube videos!
    Way to go! You are incredibly strong, wise, inspirational and a great video host! I have to admit I love the Backyard Boogie the most. Good dancer!
    Funnily enough, you and Gary are about to embark on a travelling lifestyle that I had always hoped and dreamed would be part of my life! I am envious. You will keep blogging from the road, won’t you? I really hope so.
    Hope you’re feeling somewhat better today from you last surgery. As you say each day should bring more relief.
    Keep writing and Videoing! 🙂

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    • Thank you Amanda, what a wonderful comment – thank you for catching up on what is going on with me. Many changes are taking place in my life at the moment; some unexpected. I will keep blogging no matter where I am going and what is taking place. Thank you for taking the time to read some past posts and watch my videos – I will continue with them all. Happy day my friend. 🙂

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  5. How exciting…Pods are a smart way to go…I have heard nothing but goof things about that company….so I am confused, did you get a trailer that your pulling behind your truck, or did you change gears and go RV, one you drive…can’t wait till the big reveal….glad recovery is going well and your doing well….when will you have the results of the surgery??? still twirling for you…..xxkat

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  6. Dear Terry, I just read this after watching today’s video, I went to bed early last night (husband was watching football!) and missed this one, so I have a heavier heart in responding than I would have had I seen this first. I am so sorry you have to go through another surgery, and so soon, but you were in the right place when they caught it and plans could be made to arrange it asap. I hope you will soon be relieved of some of the pain you have been coping with. I have been thinking about you and wondering how your surgery went. I’m not too familiar with the US healthcare system and not sure why you need to make such a long trip to have the next op. Was that to be part of your original travelling plans? I send you a virtual hug and wish you strength and courage for the next stage of your treatment. With best wishes, Chris 💐

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    • Thank you Chris for the very nice comment, I truly appreciate you for reading and commenting. This last surgery was a success in that it has relieved the pain I had been experiencing the past couple of months. The next op will be in an area we had planned to be at in December, where Gary’s family is. This area also has many more doctors that accept the insurance I have and it makes sense for us to be there in that area. Thank you for the hug and your thoughts, they mean a great deal to me. 🙂

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      • Oh good, I feel better about it now – as if *I’m* the one that needs to feel better! That sounds like a good idea, I was just worrying about you having to make such a long journey after having surgery. It’s good that you have got so far into organising your house sale and storage so that soon you can concentrate on yourself and your health.

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        • It will all work out – the next surgery will be significant and will delay our original plans for several months. But that is okay, prior to finding out the latest news, Gary and I had already discussed a different plan. Thanks Chris! 🙂

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  7. When are we going to see some pictures of the RV Terry?
    I must confess I’m more interested in the new purchase than I would normally be because over here we call them caravans and they are the scurge of the roads
    Hope that doesn’t make us Brit’s bad people….!!

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