Hello, anyone out there?

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.

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Hello, anyone out there? –

She was alone in a vast wilderness in search of something.  What was her purpose and what would be instore for her today?  The usual perimeter walk takes place to ensure no intruders have invaded the backwoods.  As always there would be the walk around the large body of blue water and the hard surfaced area surrounding it.  Then back to the grasslands to ensure the site was safe, and then there is was!  What was it?  Those eyes, that smell, the silence of it – what was it?  As quickly as it was seen, it began to hurry along the border in a quick manner of unseen speed.  She following, chasing and speaking “Stop!  Stop!  Stop I say!”  The predator proceeding in the attempt to catch the unwelcomed intruder again speaking “Stop! Stop!”

As quickly as the intruder had appeared, it vanished outside the border system and was no longer in site!  What was it!  She was still lurking, sniffing with those eyes fixed on the spot of exit.  Slowly she approached and peered into the outer world and the words were spoken “Hello, anyone out there?”

28 thoughts on “Hello, anyone out there?

    • It is usually a squirrel! But every so often a possum likes to walk across the fence. They will drive here crazy, and they are so very slow! Thanks Osyth, are you back home safe and sound? 🙂

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      • I’m back and we are all safe …. Taking a quiet Saturday in the sun to regenerate which I hope is what you are doing too! The Bean says squirrels are evil and lends her full support to the battle. She had not met a possum yet – I suspect she would feel it needed to be evicted from the yard!

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        • Squirrels use to be the evil ones to Roxy, but now that she is unable to hear, most of the time she does realize they are around. Relax in the sun – I did a little of that myself today. Thanks Osyth! 🙂

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  1. Our neighbor’s dog is just the same. Even though we have lived together for years, she behaves as though we are barbarian invaders every time we approach the fence. I shout, “Minnie, it’s me!” but it makes no difference. 🙂

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