I sneaked a post in

This past weekend I sneaked a post in.  Because of the United States celebrating its Birthday this past weekend, I did not want to spoil the fun in celebrating; so I sneaked a post in.

I awoke this past Saturday with a post ready to publish for that day.  I decided to change that due to information I received the day before and felt a need to record a video and publish it instead.  I scheduled the video post, and a little later decided not to publish it because I felt I might ruin some readers weekend with a ‘downer’ video.  I went back to my original post and published it instead.

Later that day, I watched the video I had recorded earlier and felt a need to publish it, so I sneaked a post in later Saturday afternoon.  I figured it being Saturday and a US holiday weekend, many readers would not see it.  Many of you did see that post and watched the video.  I am grateful for you taking the time to watch the video and taking time to leave a comment.

I often will quote words from previous posts I have published.  And seldom will I ask readers to go back and read a post.  I understand we all have busy lives and often posts we write may be missed by readers.  But, this one time, if you missed that Saturday post; I am asking you to go read it and watch that video.  Not because I think it is a good video; no because it is an important video.  The events of Friday and the explanation in that video changes the dramatics of my blog.  Trust me when I write these words – this blog will never be totally about despair, negativity, doom & gloom, sadness and why me?  Yes, there will be those times I may publish a post that will relay these feelings and emotions.  Those posts will be far and few because I write more about the positive, the goodness, the strength that comes from within me.

This blog is about my life with the good and the bad; and with this next challenge comes more strength and more courage.

So today for those of you that missed that sneaked in post, I am letting you know about it now.  It was important for me to post it Saturday, but as I mentioned I did not want my ‘downer’ video to affect your holiday weekend.  For those that missed it this past Saturday, here is the post ‘Jumped the gun & About face‘.

It is an important video to me, I felt a need to record it and I felt a need to share it with you.

My weekend was good; Gary is packing and I am performing miscellaneous activities around the house to prepare it for our very near move.

My friends, for those that had already viewed the video, I thank you for viewing and I thank you for your comments.

My friends, for those not having seen the video: after you view this video, know I am optimistic and know that I am thankful for you!

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38 thoughts on “I sneaked a post in

  1. Do not lose hope. We never know the reason for the things that happen in our lives. There could be a reason that the new doctor is the doctor who is supposed to do your next surgery – and this could very possibly turn out to be a silver lining. That is more than likely hard to imagine right now, but don’t give up on your dreams – enjoy every moment and let the positive force that comes from a good positive attitude lead you to possibilities that you can’t see right now. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    • Thank you Tammi for the wonderful comment! I always have believed everything happens for a reason – both good and bad. My attitude is positive, though I will have my days or moments of weakness – that’s me! Appreciate your thoughts and prayers – have a great day! 🙂


  2. Oh wow, Terry. Can’t believe what you are facing. Keep your positivity – it is what you need more than anything. You have so much support, from Gary and from many others. Thinking of you x

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    • Thank you and yes I agree there is a great amount of support – I am very lucky! I will remain positive and will get through this. Thanks for stopping by today to read and comment! Happy day to you my friend! 🙂


  3. I can only add my own plea that your readers DO watch the video as heart-rending as it is. It really is very important. The birds are singing outside my window – the leaves are fluttering in the breeze, the grass, bathed in the recent showers glistens in the hesitant sunshine … I send you all of this, you and Gary as you pack and face the bit of your future you are dreading. I send you this and all the strength I can spare – and you know what … my daughter’s think I’m indestructable so that’s a pretty bucketload of strength I can share

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  4. Terry – I liked this post, but that’s to show support, as obviously I don’t like the news you gave us in the video (and thanks for re-linking it). I am so glad you’re remaining positive through this. I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. I wasn’t online much last week, but I thought of you often. You remain in my thoughts and prayers here.

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  5. Terry, I am so pleased that you did sneak that post in. It did upset me, and I wanted to jump on a plane and be with you right there and then, but it is life, and this is happening to you, and you know if I could change it, I would. I also know that you are strong, and that you will get through this. It is great that you have plans and these plans will happen because you will make them happen. It is okay for there to be a bump in the road, you will get over that bump my friend and you, Gary and Roxy will live that dream. Love and hugs 🙂

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    • Thank you Lynne, I certainly would never expected you would catch a plane just for me, I am honored! I know all will be good in the long run – I will get through the next several months with the help from Gary, family and my friends here on WP. Always appreciate the hugs – happy day to you! 🙂

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  6. Glad you put the video out there a second time. I saw it when you first posted it and I still you are so very brave to share the ups and downs of your life. I think your strength must give strength and hope to others, as well as yourself.

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    • Thank you Peggy, I appreciate your kind words. When I started this blog over a year ago, I never imagined I would be publishing videos, especially ones so personal and sensitive! It I can help others, I am honored! Happy day to you my friend! 🙂


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