Doggie Hygienist

My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.

Doggie Hygienist.png

Doggie Hygienist –

The dreaded dentist appointment had arrived and he knew what the results would be.

The dentist known for his unorthodox antics would certainly have something to say.  For it had been too long since the last visit and there were problems, the teeth, what was taking place with them?  The usual exam took place with the dentist performing the prodding and probing along with the expression of disappointment.  What did he find?  Was it serious?  Upon the exam completion he proceeded to enter notes in the computer and making gestures along with the typing.  Is he upset with me?  What was going on inside my mouth?

The typing stopped, he turned and with an outrageous laugh and smile he busted out with “Your teeth need cleaning!”  I responded “Why is that funny?”  He responded “My usual dental hygienist is not here today and you my lucky man get to experience the new technique I have developed.”  I responded “Will it hurt?”  He responded “Only if you move!”  I responded “Will my teeth feel better?”  He responded “Yes!  And they will smell like a dog’s breath!”  Laughing again he responds “You know dogs have very clean mouths!”

27 thoughts on “Doggie Hygienist

  1. Are those your kids in the photo? Cuuuuuttttee! And Huny routinely ‘cleans’ my teeth, well until I get disgusted by doggy slobber and make her stop. I read somewhere that puppies lick their mother’s mouth in order to get food. And carry the habit into their adult lives. Me? I like to think she loves me and is giving me kisses…

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    • Huny does love you and those are certainly kisses she is giving you! In the photo, the one on the left is Max who died 2 years ago. On the right is Roxy who is getting older, but she still gets around. 🙂


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