In my post ‘Let’s buy a 5th Wheel‘, I wrote the following –

Tomorrow morning, we will move the 5th wheel to our home for an overnight stay and then Sunday back to the RV Dealership storage facility.  During the time it is parked at our home, we will pack some items that we will be taking with us to our next temporary destination.

In today’s post, I write the following –

Meet Max!

Yes, we named our 5th wheel Max!


In my post ‘My 5lb Friend‘, I concluded with the following –

My 5lb friend was my Chihuahua who died a year ago today – I miss my 5lb friend and still see him roaming the backyard, exploring and enjoying his world.

2011-09-29 17.54.40 (2)

In today’s post, I conclude with the following –

That 5lb friend, that was my Chihuahua was named Max.  It has been over 2 years now since he left this world and Gary and I still miss him dearly.  We buried Max in our backyard because that was his space, his world where he would explore and go on his adventures.  He would roam around the gardens exploring the bushes, the plants, occasionally eating flowers for which he was scolded for.  His scolding was a yell telling him to stop eating the flowers; he would stop and then do his usual hiking of the leg to pee on everything.  During the summer months he would go swimming with us in the pool which he always enjoyed very much.  He was a snugger and would always be next to Gary on the couch to keep him warm.  He trusted me very much; Max and I were very much alike.  He was controlling like me and was head of the household.

So Max will be left in his world that was his backyard and Gary, Roxy and I will soon leave for our next chapter.  We are sad to leave Max behind and hope he will rest without disturbance for eternity.  We decided in his honor and remembrance we would name our 5th wheel Max.

So Max, our little 5lb Chihuahua is now an 8000lb 5th wheel.


We will take Max with us into the next chapter and beyond.  We still plan one day to start our travel adventure to roam, to explore and enjoy the world.  When the adventure begins, Max may not be with us in presence, but he certainly will be with us in spirit!

79 thoughts on “Max

    • Thank you, I know Max is happy and proud and we would have loved for him to be hear and going with us – he would have loved it! The price, hum, not too expensive. Happy day to you my friend! 🙂

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  1. This is so touching and poignant. Max looks like he was a beloved pet, who had a heart and spirit much bigger than his frame. He looks a little like Huny except for his ears and gender. You will never be without him, as you carry him in your heart and memory and that’s the place our four foots wait until we’re with them again (sorry, my belief is that I’ll be with my pets again one day, else what’s a heaven for?) The new Max is a beauty and I’m sure will carry you and Garry on many a good adventure and create his own space within the memory of your mind. Lovely!!

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    • Thank you dear – Max used to have ears like Huny! Many years before he died, he got a parasite inside of him that starting reducing blood flow to his extremities and the tips of his ears died! That is what the dark areas are – dead skin. He was a trooper and well loved. 🙂


  2. Early morning tears as I understand the bond and the legacy of naming your new vehicle to carry on the name! To bring hus happiness with you! I miss my dog unbearably still. He is also in the back yard where he loved to run and roll.
    Your travel vehicle is gorgeous! I could definitely live in it and travel the world! Praying you completrly heal and start your journey

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    • Thank you, it is nice to know others understand the relationships we have with our dog. Max was family and my best friend – him and I were like one! Adventures await, but first some healing needs to take place. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment today! 🙂

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  3. What a lovely sentiment … Max will be smiling down on all of you and proud that his namesake is your new home. And thank you for the picture – now I understand what a fifth wheel is!

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  4. Oh Terry – how bittersweet! So happy for you and your new “home” and how sweet that you named it after sweet little Max who you will leave behind….. Your heart is just the dearest ever!

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  5. Aww Max looks like he was so amazing, such a happy, energetic boy 🙂 Your 5th wheeler is quite the real deal hey ! Very nice ! Very smart. Looks really great inside 🙂 That was a good plan, and even better that you have named it, Max. Perfect 🙂 Have a wonderful day my friend 🙂

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  6. Max, it fits perfect….one of my favorite layouts for a 5th wheel…love that you can walk around the bed and that it has a real table and chairs and a decent bathroom…we sat in one and dreamt about going around the country….your are going to be very comfortable….XXkat

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    • Thank you kat, I agree we will be very comfortable! It certainly will be an adjustment going from a large home to this – but we do look forward to the change. Hope the trip continues to go well and you are having a wonderful time! 🙂


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