How will my story be written?

In my post ‘What do I want to leave when I am gone? ‘, I ended with the following –

Maybe this blog and maybe someday that book will be available to them to read and maybe, just maybe they will learn something from me.

What do I want to leave when I am gone?


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In today’s post I start with the following –

How will my story be written?

Well I guess my story is being written through this blog.  My writings come from my heart, my soul and yes my brain as the words are my own.  My words reflect my life; my life is reflected on this blog.

Do you remember what I wrote on my ‘About Me’ page?  It may have been awhile since you read it.

From ‘About Me ’ –

This site was created to share my life; my life filled with failures, disappointments and successes. Why am I here? I live and do the same as others and I wonder why I am here? Starting this blog at age 55, I am nearer to death than I have ever been, but yet feel I have so much to accomplish and much more to experience.

In my 20s I had many years of therapy to deal with depression and of the many things I learned, one still stands out: there are many other people that are not much different than me.

Most of us have average lives, filled with disappointments and failures and through life we have issues to deal with due to events and other people and with ourselves. So, what makes my life more special than others? Well nothing really. The difference is this is my life that I am writing about.

I wrote these words little more than a year ago and they continue to be true today.  I believe I am starting to find the reason why I am here and I am starting to understand my meaning and my presences in this world.  I continue to believe I am no different from you and others in this world.  Sure we have different lives, different locations and different people in our lives, but we truly are not different.


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Our lives are filled with disappointments and failures as well as successes and wins.  I still believe we have average lives; average is not a bad word, it is a midway between good and evil, high and low, happy and sad.

Through my writings I have created an outline of my life; conversations, understandings, thoughts, feelings, offence, opinions, tears, laughter, joy and sadness.  I may have helped someone somehow with my writings; then again I am certainly helping myself with my writings.

My life is in me and on this blog; this is my story being written.

Will my story be forgotten?  Will anyone really care about my story?

How will my story be written?

47 thoughts on “How will my story be written?

  1. I love your story. It’s a life. I say to people I’ve lived a life and I am absolutely with you that we live average lives and that should not be sneered at. I have started to wish people enough after I read a story about an old woman saying goodbye to her daughter clearly for the last time. They wished each other enough. This is why: When we said ‘I wish you enough,’ we were wanting the other person to have a life filled with enough good things to sustain them. I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting. I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. I wish enough Hello’s to get you through the final Good-bye. I find this very very beautiful as I find the notion of average as being the mid-point. So I wish you enough, my dear friend and I am proud to share an average life with you. Though your writing is way above average, by the way 🙂

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    • Osyth, as usual your comment is filled with words of wisdom and comfort. I absolutely love want you wrote – and I absolutely agree! Enough I wish for and I am honored to share an average life with you as well. You always bring a smile to my face – this I always look forward to. Happy Thursday! 🙂

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  2. I agree: average is nothing bad, the ancient greeks already said something similar when they stated that the middle is the best, like in do excercises but not too much and certainly not none at all etc. You´ve got a story to tell and you do so sincerely and beautifully. Keep writing, it certainly is such a magnificent thing to do! xxx

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    • Thank you Sarah, I agree being in the middle is the best – it means to me being balanced! I appreciate you reading my story and thank you for the compliments. Hope all is well in your part of the world! 🙂

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  3. I’ve often been asked that question…how do you want to be remembered….and I simply say…I don’t.
    You will be remembered through your wonderful writings, videos and pictures. My friend who died from a brain tumor had a post. I revisit it often. He left the memory of his friendship and also a testimonial (albeit excruciatingly painful) of his journey to the end. He will always be remembered.
    What better legacy than to see somebodys’ life unfold right before you…in words and pictures. I see that for you.

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    • Laurel, there is part of me that thinks I will not be remembered – and that is okay. This particular post is a series of posts I am writing about my thoughts on being remembered and leaving something behind when I am gone. I have different thoughts about it all. Appreciate you reading and commenting and hope everything is good with you! 🙂

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      • As long as one person remembers you…it is enough, I think. I wish there had been an avenue like these blogs when my grandparents were still alive. How I would love to be able to read anything they wrote.
        I asked my daddy to write some things in a journal. He wrote about three pages because I really wasn’t important to him. My mama said he wrote in it the night he died.
        Whether he liked me or not…I treasure those few pages.

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  4. I have learned so much about a very different life from mine in your wonderful blog. You keep us interested in a life that has had both sadness and joy. There are so many questions I would love to ask you about your personal life but would not but you have inspired me to share more about mine. You have affected people and I glad that modern technology has allowed you to share a very special story. One of my friends warned me about sharing too much about my health and life on my blog. I thanked her for being concerned about me but realized that the person she knew 20 years ago had evolved into Chatty Kerry and was confident about sharing almost everything with the world, and hopefully helping others by making us realize that we are not so different.

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  5. You will never be forgotten T! Your story is important. Your story is you. It matters. You matter. You have brought many cherished moments to my life. I am sure you have done the same for many others. What more could one want from a mere life?! You have accomplished much buddy! You are and will always be a legacy of love. ❤

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    • Jodi, your comments always brighten my day. You bring my confidence up at times when I am feeling down (this is a morning, I am feeling down). Thank you, I appreciate you and your kind words – Happy Friday my friend! 🙂

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      • I think we are all feeling a little down today. It is the tone of the world as we spiral in shock of the horror and ugliness. We must try to focus on beauty and love. Love you T!

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  6. Terry, if you choose to do a book one day, your story will be written in complete honesty, as your blog is. No frills or fancies, just truth. It will be written by you and only you, no ghost writer, no other person wording your thoughts, replacing your words. You will write your story in your voice, and it will be authentic , real and beautiful.
    I was drawn to your blog, because of you, the way your write, you just being you. That stands out for me in a book about a life story. I love true life stories. They are real, no sugar coating, no fantasies…just real, deep from within. Keep doing what you are doing my friend, you do it so well.
    Through your blog, you have inspired me, helped me in ways, you have opened me up and allowed me to be me. You are a genuinely wonderful person, and I am so pleased to know you.
    Have a perfect day 🙂

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    • Lynne, I am truly blessed to have met you and many other wonderful people throughout this world. Your comment has brought tears to my eyes this morning, because I know your words are heartfelt, and this brings strong emotions within me, especially this morning. Thank you for your kindness and especially your friendship! And a prefect day to you as well my friend! 🙂

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  7. Terry, I think we will never really know how we will be remembered. But the one thing that certainly gives us a good shot at it, is love. You have shared so much of yourself here on your blog. It is a testimony to a life filled with love and always pushing through difficult times to love even more. Believe me Terry, you will be remembered. For now, you have a lot of living to do and adventures to share. Smile and know that your life matters!

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