OUCH – Band-Aid please

OUCH – Gary and I made a boo boo – Band-Aid please!

urbandictionary.com has the following –

Boo Boo

A silly mistake that you make!

Oh darling i made a boo boo!

Google Band Aid and the following is displayed –

People also ask –

Where was the Band Aid invented?

Earle Dickson (October 10, 1892—September 21, 1961) was an American inventor best known for creating Band-Aid® brand adhesive bandages. He lived in Highland Park, New Jersey, for a large portion of his life. Dickson was a cotton buyer at the Johnson & Johnson company.

What is a band aid made out of?

The absorbent pad is often made of cotton, and there is sometimes a thin, porous-polymer coating over the pad, to keep it from sticking to the wound. The pad may also be medicated with an antiseptic solution. In some bandages, the pad is made of a water-absorbing gel.

Is Band Aid a registered trademark?

Trademark genericization eventually resulted in the “Band-Aid” trademark losing its protective status over the Johnson & Johnson brand, becoming a generic term for all adhesive bandages. The company attempted to avoid this outcome with an advertising campaign, but failed.

What is a band aid actually called?

This article is about the adhesive bandage. For the musical ensemble “Band Aid”, see Band Aid (band). For other uses, see Band Aid. Band-Aid is a brand name of American pharmaceutical and medical devices giant Johnson & Johnson’s line of adhesive bandages and related products.

In my post ‘Let’s buy a 5th Wheel‘, I wrote the following –

Tomorrow morning, we will move the 5th wheel to our home for an overnight stay and then Sunday back to the RV Dealership storage facility.  During the time it is parked at our home, we will pack some items that we will be taking with us to our next temporary destination.

In my post today, I conclude with the following –

The new truck was in the shop all of last week.  There was an accident.  A silly mistake was made.  Oh darling, I made a boo boo!


I will not indicate who did it or who was driving, but it was not me.  Sometimes learning to do something new can be costly!  We thought we had enough clearance between the 5th wheel and the cab of the truck.  The sharp turn was made and the front of the 5th wheel made contact with the backside cab of the truck.  Live and learn!

OUCH – Band-Aid Please!

73 thoughts on “OUCH – Band-Aid please

    • I have a sense of humor about it now – at the time, it was not so funny! But, sometimes we got to just laugh if off and learn from it. Thanks Alexis for the read and comment – Happy Monday! 🙂

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  1. Learning curves 😉 indeed !
    Better have these “ouches” right out in the beginning . It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike or skiing , you will fall eventually , so better get done with it when you’re not cycling down a curvy hill or skiing full speed down a mountain 🙂
    Glad your humour didn’t suffer
    Turtle Hugs

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    • Exactly, learn now before we are out in the wild! The humor was not there at the time it occurred, due to choice words and emotions. That faded rather quickly, because I cannot let this get to me – just an accident. Happy Day dear turtle! 🙂

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  2. I remember reversing in my car after a night at my then boyfriends house and taking the rear windscreen clean out with an overhanging bar of some sort. I was so embarrassed (he had gone into his house and the yard was pretty large so didn’t hear the explosion) that I just drove on with my new rear air-con blasting me from behind!!! At least this was whilst you were practicing. All shall be well!

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    • Yes we were practicing, but we did have to drive the truck with the 5th back to its storage place, then drive back home and then to the body shop. I felt like I was driving with no roof – lots of noise and wind. It is all good now, ready for another day! Thanks dear! 🙂

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      • I keep hearing Sister Julian of Norwich ‘all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well’ – though with a name like Julian, and a woman, I have questions. All manner of questions 😉

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  3. I am glad nobody was hurt! And it takes practice to get used to pulling a trailer, so chalk it up to experience. I hope things going forward are smoother for you both, all the same! Ouchie indeed! 😉

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    • Thanks dear, yes I certainly hope all goes smother in the future also. We don’t need another boo boo like this one again. Hope you are well today and feeling better! 🙂


    • There was certainly some air coming in – but not cool, hot here this time of year and the internal air conditioning did no good! I cannot let this spoil things, it has already been fixed – a little minor inconvenience! Thanks for stopping by – happy day my friend! 🙂

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  4. Gary is in the dog house, LOL! I would have been cussing, rolling my eyes etc, etc. The main thing is that no one was hurt – it was just a little boo-boo. (If it was Teddy, I wouldn’t let him forget it for a while… 😉 )

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  5. Well everyone cracked up over that one. LIfe doesn’t have mistakes – only opportunities to grow and learn….looks like the Universe decided to give you a tip off before you took off and found out in some out of the way place.
    Hope things are up and running smooth as glass now.

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    • Thanks Phil, I like your comment very much – a great way to look at it. And yes, things are up and running much smoother now with glass. Thanks for stopping by today, I truly appreciate it. Happy day my friend! 🙂


  6. Oops!! Well, at least it happened now and not when you were on your travels. If I had done this I would actually have cried, and my hubby would have said ” its just a car, don’t worry, as long as your ok and not hurt” and that’s exactly the way you should view it. As long as you and Gary are both ok at the end of the day its just a car and can be fixed, so I can see why you used the band aid analogy. At little bit of trivia for you, in the UK band aids are called ” plasters”!

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