Car Wash Boogie

Hello everyone, this post is a Video Log post related to Boogie Blogging.

What is Boogie Blogging – dancing, moving to music, making a fool of myself, creating laugher within you.

I like to dance and I like to move; movement is good for all of us.  Why not have fun while we are moving?

It you like the music with my videos, you are welcome to get up and move or dance with me!

Let loose, let’s have fun, let’s do some Boogie Blogging.


Boogie Blogging while washing & cleaning the truck –

65 thoughts on “Car Wash Boogie

  1. Boogie Baby Boogie….its nice to see I am not the only one who makes life fun!!! Even at the car wash…its all about what we put into it….loved this…happy to see your wonderful smile and moves….xxkat

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  2. $4.99 – bloody hell, that’s cheaper than down here! That was a great birthday present for me watching your silly antics. All I need was for you to shake your tail feathers. 😘 I will be making an ass of myself at Pitbull’s concert on Saturday with my girlfriend.

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  3. Terry you had me boogieing and smiling 😀
    And you know what ? I don’t go into “car washes” as I have this stupid irrational fear of them , but maybe just maybe if I ever attempt it again I will think of you and boogie and smile all the way through 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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