December 1971 – Brand New Key by Melanie

December 1971 – a song popular in this month – Brand New Key by Melanie

This simple song about a young girl who gets a brand new pair of roller skates was written by Melanie in 15 minutes.

Interesting facts about Brand New Key & Melanie

She intended it to be a lighthearted novelty to perform in between her more intense material. However it proved to be her most successful song.

Melanie’s search for enlightenment inspired her to go on a 27 day fast, during which she drank nothing but distilled water. Coming off the fast, she was eating transitional food when she felt the urge to get a McDonald’s hamburger. On the way back to her house, she started to write the song.

In 1976 the English West Country comic folk band The Wurzels took their rewritten version, “Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)” to the top of the UK charts.

Olivia Newton-John recorded a dance version of this song for the 2011 movie soundtrack A Few Best Men. She also had a supporting role in the film as Barbara, the mother of the bride.

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22 thoughts on “December 1971 – Brand New Key by Melanie

  1. She had such a sweet, endearing voice and I have always loved this song. Of course being English and brought up in the countryside, The Wurzels was played at far too many school and teenage discos. Give me this version anyday! Thank you for brightening up my Sunday – your music choices have a way of whisking me back to the best of my youth (without the angst and the hang-ups, the tears and the tantrums) 🙂

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  2. This is so cool. I do remember this clearly ! Amazing facts ! I don’t know whether I would manage that 27 day fast though…I generally need food ! Have a lovely day.
    It’s Monday here, and the weather miserable still – but we need the rain, so I won’t complain 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am with you Lynne, no way I could go 27 days! Sorry the weather is bad, but as you said, needing the rain. Another hot one here today – will be in the 100s! A lovely day to you as well my friend! 🙂

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