My category ‘Pictures & Stories’ are posts with me writing a fictional, creative short story about a picture.



It was the usual trek home after a night of working the neighborhood.  The journey back to the home was slow this morning as the tiredness from the previous night’s events were beginning to take its toll.  The fences seem higher this morning and not as easy to maneuver.  With the breeze blowing oh so lightly and the coolness of the air made for a relaxing stroll.  But the tiredness kept its grip and increased with each small step.  The home base seemed forever in the future to arrive and the trek started becoming slow.

The slowness and tiredness were interrupted by the noise that came from below!  That creature again, why is it there and what is its intentions?  The journey stopped and played the ever so popular game to not gain additional attention – but to no avail.   For the creature’s noise had alerted them again and the search had begun.

As the motionless was instilled with the journey no longer the event, there came the alerted one.  The noise stopped and the alerted one became interested and the tiredness that was once now was alert.  Then slightly the turn and the look –


35 thoughts on “WHAT?

      • I wish we had them here as well! They are just so adorable!! 🙂
        Thanks, Terry, my weekend has been wonderful so far – although I´m only doing the ordinary stuff like going to the park, enjoy the sun and the flowers and cook something nice to eat 🙂 I even tried out a new recipe: a carrot cheesecake! It´s quite yummie 😉 Have a happy day!!! xxx

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