‘let’s do’ time

In my post ‘home with our colors.‘, I wrote the following –

Tomorrow is the day the new owners take possession of this house, our home for the past 13 ½ years.  The house is empty except those items that we are leaving behind for the new owners.


In m post ‘I will be there soon, Pensacola‘, I wrote the following –

Our new temporary home will be located in walking distance from the beach of the Gulf of Mexico.  The beach, sun & water should make for a great combination when it comes time for me to recover from my next surgery.

In today’s post, I write the following –

We arrived this past Wednesday at our new temporary home in Pensacola, Florida.  Today we are settling into our new location and becoming accustomed to the new 5th wheel way of living.  We are running errands for groceries and finding the locations for the gym and clinic where I will have my first appointment with my primary care manager on Monday.  This weekend we plan to visit with Gary’s younger brother and his mom who lives with him.  They live about an hour away and Gary and I are looking forward to seeing them.  We plan to celebrate Gary’s birthday that was this past Tuesday.  Roxy has settled well into the new routine, home and location.  In the RV park, she has to wear a leash and this restricts her from where she can go explore – something she is not accustomed to.  Remember she had her own backyard oasis that she explored without a limiting leash.


Our new way of living will be different and an adjustment time is needed.  The last house was 3,800 sp. ft. and now we are living in about 300 sq. ft.  I will be honest with you, I like my space and time alone and this is not easy in a 5th wheel.  But I know over time, adjustments will be made by Gary and myself and our new living arrangements will be good for both of us.  The different living arrangement and location was needed for both of us.

Our new way of living also brings more ‘let’s do’ time and less ‘have to’ time.  I no longer ‘have to’ clean a pool on a daily basis.  I no longer ‘have to’ trim bushes and grass, mow a lawn and water plants.  I no longer ‘have to’ clean 4 bathrooms and clean a 3,800 sq. ft. house.  We now ‘let’s do’ a quite walk along the beach.  We now ‘let’s do’ take time to explore a new area.  We now ‘let’s do’ have a relaxing life in an area with less traffic and less noise.


So for today, we learn a new way of living in our new home in our new location.

More ‘let’s do’ time and less ‘have to’ time.

58 thoughts on “‘let’s do’ time

  1. Enjoy every second of your “Lets do time” especially near the beach and sea, my trip this week was fantastic, I really don’t know why I don’t do it more often, it is something I am thinking about, the open space of the beach and the sea, opened me up to so many new things, I’m a new woman (haha) !! Go for it, maybe even a Beach Boogie ! Have a great time and enjoy your new life,

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  2. Terry, it sounds like a good change to “have to” make!

    On the space issue, perhaps it will make the transition easier if you think of all of the outside as part of your ‘home’ – after all, one of the joys of RV living is that you can go anywhere and live wherever you please, even if only temporarily. So you may not have as much space inside your home as you used to, but you have an almost limitless amount outside!

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  3. That concept sounds wonderful, Terry!! Everybody should have more “let´s do” instead of “have to” 😉 I also need a lot of time and space for myself and understand your little concern about it, but I´m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for this when you´re on the road. There always is 😉

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  4. Oh Terry, I really like that concept of the ‘let’s do’ and the ‘have to’. I certainly can relate to that. The ‘lets do’ is so refreshing for the soul. I understand about your concerns, and definitely in time, things will sort themselves out. Shame, I hope Roxy will adjust soon, I imagine, lots of walks happening. Well my friend, have a lovely day and a great weekend ahead. 🙂

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    • Thank you Lynne, actually Roxy has adjusted fairly well. While sitting outside, we have her on a long leash and she does have some freedom to roam on a limited distance. We do take her on many walks – we need those walks also. All is good, some adjustments to make, but the decision was right! Thanks for your comment and you have a great weekend also. 🙂

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  5. That’s a great attitude to have, Terry. I will have to adopt that mantra, “Let’s do…” It is bound to be really strange to have so little room from a grand house but you will adapt. Always remember that if you need a little space (or Gary does), you can book into a hotel or stay with his mum. I imagine you intend to buy a smaller place eventually and this gives you a chance to really feel how Florida feels as a destination. I leave for Salt Lake City and will light a candle for you in the Catholic Cathedral – that’s just what (lapsed) Catholics do… 😇 🐕 🐙

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  6. What a wonderful way of putting it: less, “have to” and more, “let’s do!” Love it! And I’m guessing that the handsome guy with you in the photo is Gary. This is my first time seeing him! You guys look great! Nice and tan, relaxed and smiling. I hope you’re feeling that way inside too! lol
    Have a great Birthday party. 🙂

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  7. I’m a me time girl so I can understand the adjustment you are making but having lets do time will outweigh any feelings of missing out and you will find your personal space in different ways. Miss Roxy will adjust to the restrictions with time … Though I suspect she may always feel silently disgruntled by that leash in what she will clearly believe is her own back yard 🤔

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    • Osyth, the adjustments are being made by all of us, one day at a time. I think Roxy is adjusting better than us humans. She does like to sit outside with the leash on and just watch everybody else – she seems to enjoy that – and then there is the occasional barking at other dogs. Have a great weekend. 🙂


  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I new way of living, relaxing and just living in the moment….so happy for you both…….I thought the same thing about needing my space…..however with a nice chair and a great view, I found my space was anywhere I wanted it to be…LOL Enjoy, you both deserve it !!! kat

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