5 days, and more

In my post ‘’let’s do’ time‘, I concluded with the following –

Our new way of living also brings more ‘let’s do’ time and less ‘have to’ time.  I no longer ‘have to’ clean a pool on a daily basis.  I no longer ‘have to’ trim bushes and grass, mow a lawn and water plants.  I no longer ‘have to’ clean 4 bathrooms and clean a 3,800 sq. ft. house.  We now ‘let’s do’ a quite walk along the beach.  We now ‘let’s do’ take time to explore a new area.  We now ‘let’s do’ have a relaxing life in an area with less traffic and less noise.


So for today, we learn a new way of living in our new home in our new location.

More ‘let’s do’ time and less ‘have to’ time.

In today’s post, I begin with the following –

We are starting our 5th full day here in Pensacola, Florida.  Today is an important day in that I have my first doctor’s appointment here.  My appointment is with my Primary Care Manager at which time a referral will be submitted for a urologist visit; hopefully sometime within a week.  Several weeks ago, I faxed a portion of my medical records from my previous urologist Dr. F. in Dallas; I wanted the Primary Care Manager here to be aware of my situation.  My hope is this would place an emphasis on the importance of receiving a referral as soon as possible.  The completed medical records will be delivered today.


Gary’s younger brother lives about an hour away from Pensacola and we spent some time this weekend visiting him and their mom.  I have written several posts about Gary’s mom who is 93 years, suffering from Dementia and living with Gary’s younger brother.  It was nice to spend time with them and to have this family nearby.

In the coming weeks, Gary and I will grow accustom to our new surroundings, our new change in lifestyle and create new routines and meet new friends.  I will also begin the new journey to take care of the cancer that is in my body.  Additional doctor’s appointments will take place and a plan will be put into action.  After my first appointment with my new urologist I will have the information I need to proceed in the coming months.


We are here in Pensacola, Florida our 5th day and the location is perfect as we are within walking distance to the beach.  The surroundings are relaxing and peaceful and the quietness is welcomed after living in the city of Dallas for many years.

The original planning for our travel adventure is on hold for now until after the surgery and recovery.  My feelings are, most likely my recovery will go into the fall and then with the holidays and winter; the travel adventure will start next Spring.


5 days, and more to come.

34 thoughts on “5 days, and more

  1. What a beautiful beach….been watching the weather, looks like your getting some rain….blow it our way please….just keep the wind,…LOL hope all went well with your first MD appointment….thinking of you both…kat

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    • Gary, sorry for the late response, your comment went to Spam. Everything is going well so far with the docs and today we finally see sunshine – lots of rain recently. Appreciate you stopping by, have a great weekend. 🙂

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