The roadmap to remove cancer

In my post ‘5 days, and more‘, I wrote the following –

We are starting our 5th full day here in Pensacola, Florida.  Today is an important day in that I have my first doctor’s appointment here.  My appointment is with my Primary Care Manager at which time a referral will be submitted for a urologist visit; hopefully sometime within a week.  Several weeks ago, I faxed a portion of my medical records from my previous urologist Dr. F. in Dallas; I wanted the Primary Care Manager here to be aware of my situation.  My hope is this would place an emphasis on the importance of receiving a referral as soon as possible.  The completed medical records will be delivered today.

In today’s post, I write the following –

My first visit with my Primary Care Manager and Naval Hospital of Pensacola were excellent.  I felt very comfortable with my new Primary Care Manager and his urgency to meet my needs were outstanding.  The visit involved him learning about the history of my cancer, prescribing medications for my pain and ordering lab work and chest X-ray. He proceeded with the instant referral for me to see the in-hospital urologist.  I was amazed with the speed at which this process took place: initially this could take up to a week.  Following the visit with my Primary Care Manager I had the opportunity to visit with my new urologist Dr. P.

I am absolutely totally pleased with Dr. P. and I feel extremely comfortable in his excellent expertise from this point on with regards to my care.  We spoke about my history of cancer and surgeries for this past year and he discussed the future options available.  Before a future option is decided, other activities must first take place.

Dr. P. desires a roadmap before we can proceed with making a decision for the immediate future selection.  This roadmap starts with a chest, abdominal and pelvic CT Scan with contrast; then will be followed by a surgical procedure.  The CT Scan took place this past Wednesday and the surgical procedure should take place next week.  I have an appointment with Dr. P. this morning to discuss the results of the CT Scan.

The surgical procedure next week requires that I be placed under general anesthesia at which time Dr. P. will use a scope to view my urinary tract system to determine if the cancer is in other areas besides the bladder.  Upon this procedure Dr. P. and I will discuss my options in greater detail and make a decision for my next major surgery.  He has indicated the surgery will most likely be scheduled for late this month or early next month.  Also depending on the results of the CT Scan and surgical procedure; the possibility of Chemo Therapy may be required.

Gary and I are extremely pleased with the response from the Naval Air Station Hospital and my new doctors.  I feel very comfortable with our new living location, my new doctors and the possibilities for the future.

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43 thoughts on “The roadmap to remove cancer

  1. That is super good news, Terry. It always helps relieve a little bit of stress when we like our doctors! And it seems they took care of you well and didn’t waste time, thank heavens! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! 😀

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  2. Yay! I am so happy for you 🙂 You liking your new doctors that will take care of you is the first step. Just knowing that you are comfortable with them is huge. They really do seem ‘jacked up’ there, wow…I am so pleased there is a plan of action now. Phew, now you can breathe. Have a great weekend, (sorry that there won’t be sunshine, but have a good one anyway) Hugs 🙂

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    • Thank you Amy for the support and comment. The response I have received so far for my medical needs is encouraging. I appreciate you stopping by today and hope you have a great weekend. 🙂


  3. It is very good news to read that you are so pleased with your new health care providers. Changing Doctors at a time when you have such a serious illness can be very daunting. You are handling it with grace and optimism.

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  4. Sounds like an excellent MD…wanting all the info before making decisions is wonderful…so happy you are happy with your medical team…I won’t stop dancing under the mafic of the moon for you my friend…..with good thoughts of a simple/safe outcome for you….your in my thoughts especially late at night under the moon….LOL sounds romantic doesn’t it…LOL enjoy the weekend…and stay dry!!!

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    • Thanks kat, I am very happy with my medical team and the future care. Keep dancing my friend, I appreciate it. Honestly I am feeling a little tired to dance, but hopefully will do a boogie blogging video soon. Take care my friend! 🙂


      • don’t tire your body out…its using a lot of energy at this time trying to heal….and you will need all your reserves later for your recovery time…your in great physical shape and that will be a huge help in your healing….so no dancing!!! maybe a good walk video would be nice to see your beaches…and beautiful area you live….I would think your yoga would be a good thing to keep up…just a thought…you know your body better than anyone….I will keep dancing !! kat

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  5. Fantastic news! You must have been feeling trepidatious of new doctors in a different environment. It makes me feel so much better when I have a good doctor, who understands me. It is also good that the doctor was so straight forward about options and decisions. Fingers crossed!


  6. What wonderful news, Terry! I´m so happy that your decision to change locations and doctors are the right ones and that you feel taken good care of! I can only chime in with my previous speakers: having a good relationship with your doctor helps tremendously! Wishing you a very beautiful and happy sunday, my dear friend! xxx

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    • Thank you, I appreciate your support. I feel grateful I am in good hands for the future treatment I will receive. Hope your day is a happy one – I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment. 🙂


  7. Sorry, Terry, somehow this escaped me, only just seen it. You sound in a much better place and I am so happy that you had such a positive experience with your new doctors, it makes such a difference, doesn’t it? ☺️👍🏻

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