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According to the theory of biorhythms, a person’s life is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles that affect his or her ability in various domains, such as mental, physical and emotional activity. These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady (sine wave) fashion throughout life, and by modeling them mathematically, it is suggested that a person’s level of ability in each of these domains can be predicted from day to day. The theory is built on the idea that the biofeedback chemical and hormonal secretion functions within the body could show a sinusoidal behavior over time.

Most biorhythm models use three cycles: a 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle, and a 33-day intellectual cycle.

If you Google ‘Biorhythm’, you also receive these related search suggestions –

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Who knew there is so much information about biorhythm!  I had read something about biorhythm years ago and really did not put much thought into it.  But could there be something to this?  Me, who knows me best, I feel I do go through some sort of rhythm; a cycle of sorts.  These rhythms or cycles sometimes are daily and sometimes weekly.  The last couple of months, these cycles occurred daily.  I cycled through feeling good, feeling bad, having an optimistic attitude, having a pessimistic attitude; positive thoughts about myself and negative thoughts about myself.

Honestly I am unsure if it is related to biorhythms or cycles, or more related to situations and circumstance.  The selling of the house that took place; this was exciting and demanding.  My health; this is very stressful.

I decided to click one of those related searches listed above to find out more about my personal biorhythm.  I clicked the biorhythm calculator and came across the website.

I entered the requested information and here are the results I received –


As you can see all the lines representing ‘Intellectual’, ‘Emotional’, ‘Physical’, ‘Intuitive’, ‘Spiritual’, ‘Awareness’ & ‘Aesthetic’ are waving between 100% and -100% throughout a month’s time period.  No wonder I am going through rhythms or cycles weekly and lately daily.  It seems to me these areas of my life should be all aligned instead of flowing up and down at different times.  Should I have enough awareness of myself and surroundings to be in control of these areas?  I would think so.

So why then do I go through these cycles and let them control me instead of me controlling them?  Interesting thought!

I know I allow my physical to get in the way of my mental.  My body hurts and I am tired; this affects my moods.  I guess this in turn creates these cycles or biorhythms.  I am working on changing this.


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I would like all those wavy lines on my chart to be at 100% or near it most of the time.  I should be able to accomplish this, right?

44 thoughts on “Biorhythm

    • It is very interesting, I just wonder at times if it is really a reality? Something to think about. Thanks Somali, I appreciate you stopping by today. Happy day to you my friend! 🙂


  1. This is all so confusing. I played around with the chart predictions, and it seems I will be at my peak in August of 2056, when I will be 105 years old. ☺☺☺ Good luck with all this, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

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  2. I used bio feedback during therapy. It was really helpful, to stop and recognize what my breath, and anxiety was doing since I was pretty disconnected to my body. It’s all just soooo interesting, how the mind and body work together.

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    • I agree, it just seems to me, our conscious would have some control over this. But as you indicated – one day at a time. Thanks Kerry, hope you are feeling well. Are you getting a lot of rain this week? 🙂

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      • Well, there is another school of thought that we are more affected by the moon and tides than we think (and our consciousness seems to have little affect on that). They actually have statistics to prove that mentally ill patients get more disturbed during a full moon. As for the elements, I got COMPLETELY soaked yesterday. Wallet was soaked, leather shoes had to washed. I gave up and went to bed for the rest of the day. 🙂
        PS. I prefer you not to be 100% happy/good all the time – that would be so boooooring.

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    • It is interesting Paula, but then again I don’t know how much I really feel about it. As you indicated we are complex individuals! Thanks for stopping by each day – I appreciate you very much. Happy day to you as well. 🙂

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  3. Not sure if I totally get it or believe it – but I’m open to it – and besides – it makes for a pretty interesting, artistic looking life! 🙂 ❤ make the best of it buddy!!!

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  4. I think the physical is BOUND to effect the mental. I know a little about biorhythms and I do think there is credence to the theories. For you I am certain the pain you are enduring and the attendant weariness must be eroding your mental strength. Add to that the stress and worry and you are at an understandably low ebb. I just so wish I could blow some real magic dust your way. I so wish.

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    • I agree, the physical does affect the mental, for me anyway. Maybe there is a different response for different people. Magic dust would be great – just you wanting to give me some is a reflection of the person you are. Happy and safe travels back home. 🙂


  5. There is so much unknown … And we may never find an answer.
    When our natural curiosity and meets others consumerism, may our shopping deva/buyer beware. xo
    Sending a hug. Which is proven to bring about a change in mood and outlook 🐥💕

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  6. If we all had wavy lines life would be perfect, but life isn’t perfect. Terry, I just finished reading “The Secret Garden”, a classic I never read. You need to read this book!!! It is exactly what you speak about, today and all your yesterdays. Really. When you get to the end, you will see. Colin’s transformation reminded me of you! Many blessings your way!

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  7. This is an interesting topic my friend. I have heard of biorhythms before and a lot of it makes perfect logical sense…. You made a good point ….what about situations and circumstance, surely that plays a huge role in our biorhythms. But the bottom line is for me, no matter what, I want to be in control of me ! I can’t have my cycle, and biorhythms dictate my future…..hahaha does that make any sense? . Have a lovely peaceful, relaxed day, soak up that sun and enjoy 🙂

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  8. This article was very informative. I had never heard of “biorhythms” until I stumbled across this article. It really peaks my interest because I myself, am intuitive. At times I’m more in touch with it, other times, I’m lacking. I believe everyone is intuitive some just are not in touch with it. I want to make my own graph, but I’m kind of confused on how to do it. Its actually very practical and makes logical sense.

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    • Thanks for your interest in this post. I am unsure how to make a graph as I myself am not always very intuitive at times. This subject certainly gives us something to think about. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment – always appreciated. 🙂


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