177 Steps

Image1This past Monday, Gary and I visited the Pensacola Lighthouse located on the Naval Air Station.  The lighthouse is within walking distance of the RV park where we are currently living.

For more information about the lighthouse, please visit this website: Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum


The home page starts with the following –

Climb 177 steps up the historic Pensacola Lighthouse for one of the most beautiful views on the Gulf Coast. Built in 1859, the lighthouse is located on board NAS Pensacola.

Yes, we climbed 177 steps to the top and yes, the view was fantastic.

I recorded the last steps to the top – hope you enjoy the view.  And excuse the wind – I had no control over it.

74 thoughts on “177 Steps

  1. What a lovely though surely quite tiring experience you had, Terry! 🙂 I just love lighthouses and this seems to be quite old. I once climbed up the belltower (Giralda) of the Cathedral in Seville/Spain and luckily they used little ramps instead of stairs 😉 But it was nevertheless quite an excercise, too! And when I finally was at the top the bells started ringing which made me jump and everyone else laugh 🙂

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    • Sounds like you had quite an experience with the ringing bells. We heard no bells, just lots of wind! The stairs were spiral and not very big, so with people going up and coming down, it was difficult at times – it was fun! Thanks Sarah, I appreciate you. 🙂


  2. How cool it that?! Now….you have to get back down. It if was me…I would be sliding all the way down on the banister until I got caught or fell off! LOL
    Actually, if there had been an banister Olympic category, I could have taken gold! That was one thing I used to love to do as a child. 🙂

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    • It was great exercise Sarah and also lots of fun! Seeing the view from way up was very cool. Come on down to Florida for vacation – the weather is nice and warm. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate you very much! 🙂


    • No problem Kathryn, I appreciate the follow. I am glad you enjoyed the video, I have more to come in the future. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is going well for you. 🙂


  3. Terry, I love lighthouses! We are a little more than an hour from the Bodie Lighthouse in Nags Head. It is also black and white in circular strips. In our harbor on the Albemarle Sound we have a restored river lighthouse, very different, more like a house with a big chimney. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Jo

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    • Jo, are you able to visit and climb to the top of the Bodie Lighthouse? This is the first one I have ever visited and it was amazing. I really enjoyed our visit and climbing to the top was lots of fun – a workout also. I appreciate you stopping by today – have a happy day my friend. 🙂

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  4. Phew, that was quite some climb, but so totally worth it. Well you certainly did get your exercise quota in for the day. The view is stunning and the wind really hectic. I actually felt I was literally there whilst watching 🙂 So awesome, thanks a ton for sharing. Have a great day 🙂

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  5. Wow, I love it! And my goodness you’re in good shape, you were barely breathing hard after walking up 177 stairs. Keep these great videos coming, it’s like taking a vacation with you guys. lol Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  6. Nothing better than a view from the top of a lighthouse. I’ve climbed Hatteras, Currituck, and Cana Island (Wisconsin). Skipah’s tip of the day though, do not climb the largest lighthouse on the east coast in July with temps near 100 degrees. For some damn reason there was no airconditioning in the cone!

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    • Very cool, you are a veteran at climbing light houses. I understand about the heat, it was in the 90s on this particular day, but as you could tell, we had lots of wind. Thanks my friend for stopping by today, always appreciated! 🙂

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